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  • Published February 21, 2022
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It is a great business decision to venture into an offshore company formation where business can be run outside of the UK. Apart from saving taxes, financial gains and ownership benefits, offshore companies hold several advantages for the original business. If a business intends to spread its wings in other overseas countries then Chris Burton Consultants emerges as one of the best names in the industry. We offer services at every level, right from the inception of the company, to authorisations, choosing a destination for offshore company, and so on.

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• Going by the law– If you plan to take your business interests overseas then you need to know about imperative certifications and formalities required in that country. Our agents are well versed with the benefits that the foreign country is eager to bestow on your company. A law abiding business flourishes better so it is in everybody’s interest to become familiar with functional rules and policies of the government. Chris Burton Consultants take care of informing you about every minute detail of process charges and statutory requirements so an offshore company formation is completed smoothly and legally.

• Helping you choose better– There are situations when a new company may get entangled in legal permissions and tax constraints. Choosing a destination that favours tax benefits and offers prompt permissions to run the business is very important. Such authorisations can take the fun out of opening an overseas company and thus you need to be wary of selecting the right country for your foreign business. Chris Burton Consultants offers you the right alternatives to set up offshore company upon considering tax benefits and ease of loan permissions.

• Tax management– Another service that Chris Burton Consultants is to provide is Tax Planning. It is only wise to configure astute management of taxes so your hard earned money does not go down the drain. Consult us for managing your inland and offshore trusts and inheritance tax planning. It is not possible to assimilate every detail about tax savings that other jurisdictions eagerly oblige offshore companies with but our agents can offer you precise knowledge of all the tax related issues. Thus incorporating an offshore company with us will not only expand your business horizons but help you save and plan taxes in the most legitimate and efficient way.

• Asset management-The corporate are inclined towards establishing trusts for the company that hold possessions to assist specified individuals. Though Trusts do not come under legal gradations it is still important to incorporate ethical and operational Trusts. Chris Burton Consultants have competence in forming Business Trusts, Children Trusts alongside an offshore company formation services. The bank account needed to run a trust can be opened in the offshore company destination or liaised up with the parent corporate account. These intricate structures can be accurately taken care of by our qualified agents who can help you establish and operate trusts overseas.

• Prompt and convenient experience– Chris Burton Consultants assure you of getting the process working within 48 hours of applying. Receiving start up permissions depends upon the nature of jurisdiction where the offshore company is supposedly planned. We help you find the best way to propagate business without trapping you in unwanted cost tangles.

We are able to help business set up offshore company by strictly adhering to the norms of respective countries and avoiding setbacks in future. Though the endeavour is a fruitful one, the parent company must be circumspect when choosing an offshore company formation services. Please get in touch with us to speak to one of our experts and start your offshore company formation journey.

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