Are Blackout Blinds a Good Choice for a Baby’s Nursery?

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  • Published February 28, 2022
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Getting a newborn baby to sleep can be a challenge at the best of times. You sing, you sway, and you swear you are doing everything right, but the baby is still awake and crying.

The trouble is, there will always be one factor that is much more difficult to control than others. You can do everything you can to create a relaxing environment, but there is nothing you can do to stop the sun beating down on your home.

Creating a dark and relaxing environment for your baby to catch some much-needed sleep is essential; does this mean blackout blinds would be the best choice for your baby’s nursery?

If your current curtains or blinds are not getting the job done, would stepping up to blackout blinds make a difference?

The Benefits of Blackout Blinds for Better Sleep

Understanding how blackout blinds can aid restful sleep means getting to grips with how our sleep cycles work.

During the day, exposure to light suppresses the body’s production of the sleep hormone - aka melatonin. This is the hormone that tells your body and brain it is time to be awake, which is why it is much more difficult to relax, unwind and fall asleep in a bright room. Or to put it another way, light is the ultimate energiser for the body and brain, dictating exactly when and for how long you should be sleeping.

This would suggest that blackout blinds could be just the thing for aiding restful sleep. Along with helping your little ones get to sleep in the first place, the maintenance of a dark environment could help them stay asleep for longer.

When we awake prematurely, we unconsciously check our surroundings. If it’s still dark, the body and brain are lulled back into a sleep state for the time being. If you wake up when it is bright, your body and brain assume it is time to get up; this is something that also applies to babies and kids of all ages.

For daytime sleeping purposes, blackout blinds can make a fantastic addition to the home. They can also be great for taking control of day-night cycles during the summer, or where external light pollution is a problem.

Not Just for Babies

The short answer is therefore yes - blackout blinds are a good choice for a baby’s nursery. Along with providing total control over interior lighting levels, blackout blinds bring several additional benefits into the mix.

Examples of which include better energy efficiency through improved heat retention, better blocking of exterior noise, total privacy indoors and an elegantly understated aesthetic.

When it comes to the way blackout blinds can aid restful sleep, the same also applies to adults. Even if you have trained yourself to sleep in less than ideal conditions, taking better control over interior lighting could prove beneficial.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that human beings sleep better in darker, quieter and more relaxing environments. Not to mention, environments that remain consistent from falling asleep until waking up.

Simple, practical and cost-effective, the benefits of blackout blinds go far beyond encouraging restless babies to give you a few precious hours of peace and quiet!

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