Video games good for the brain?

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  • Author Steven Kendall
  • Published April 24, 2022
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Did you know that playing video games trains people to make the right decisions faster? Well, they do!! This is not the only thing they do to you. Video games help train the brain for a lot of things. Video games help the memory. It helps the memory in games called Minecraft. Minecraft helps you remember where things are when you are leaving your house. Some video games make people must be active, for example, Nintendo Fitness Boxing. The game helps the heart move by punching the air and it means it can help the heart.

Video Games Make Your Brain Better

Over the past decade, video games have caused controversy among scientists and other researchers as to what effects they produce. some people say that video games harm the brain, but they don’t!!!! Video games help the brain a lot. for people With AD HD, it teaches them to focus, and it also teaches them to deal with emotions in a game called “Fortnite” a lot of times people get mad when they die in the game but overtimes, they learn that it will happen, and they do not have to get mad over something little like that. It also teaches them to use their brains. Like in games like Minecraft whenever you build something you have to use your brain. You have to say to yourself “how many blocks do I need to build this house.” or you must think if it is a good idea to fight a zombie or any other MOB in the game. Video games help train the

Mind by making make a decision faster like In Apex legends you have made fast decisions

Video games make people happier.

Video games make kids happier. If you have not noticed that when kids are ticked off and they go on their computer or Xbox, their mood goes from very mad to happy or not as mad. Kids who play video games experience things. Video games take away stress!!! Even though people are addicted to them, playing video games help the brain by making kids feel more open. When a kid plays video games, he is very excited. The kid learns to stay calm while playing the video game

Brain games

A scientist has found that people who play video games' brain develop a lot better than those who don’t. Play video games. What this means is people who play video games' the brain has grown a lot better and smoother than those who do not play video games. Those who do not play video games take more time to learn things slower.

Video games make the brain active

Video games can make the brain active. What video games do they make you think. In some games like Realm Royale, you have to have a strategy like when you get down you have to think if you're going to risk your teammate's life or yours. This is one way it helps the mind but this is only one video game. A lot of shooter games take stagey like realm royale ( realm is a shooter game) you have to think about if the gun you see will help you or if the abilities or whatever you find going to be useful. This is one way it activates the mind. It also makes you remember to use stuff like to heal or in games like Minecraft you have to remember to grab stuff like a sword or armor or whatever you need to get. In this article, you have read that video games help the mind.

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