How Music Can Help Coping With Mental Health Problems

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  • Published April 25, 2022
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Music is a form of art that has been around for approximately thousands of years. It has evolved from just basic oral sounds made by the human voice, into a more substantial form of art compiled with rhythm, melody, harmony, chords, and lyrics. The modern era has produced many forms of musical genre over the past 100 years. The change that happened in music also influenced its purposes. The music produced in the modern era is mostly intended for entertainment. However, there are some music that specifically intended to help people with their mental health problems.

What are the reasons for us to listen to music? The answer to this question would not be the same for all of us. It all really depends on what mood we are in. If we feel happy, we listen to it solely for entertainment, if we feel stressed out, we listen to it to help us calm down, if we feel sad, we listen to it to help us get through it, and if we feel depressed and alone, we listen to it so we can have someone to relate to.

Our emotions play a big role in the music we listen to. People with mental health problems tend to listen to musicians that they can relate with so that they don’t feel like they are alone. However, not many musical artists are capable of making these types of music. One of the ones that can is Kid Cudi. His music helps an entire generation of youth to fight their own demons inside them. In his music, he opens up about his struggles with depression, anxiety, and even drug abuse. He sets himself as an example to show us how to walk our own paths. There are a lot of people who found comfort in his music and got back up because of him. This man saved a generation from going through the wrong path and taking their own lives. One of the other artists who can also make therapeutic music like him is none other than his best friend, Kanye West. A lot of people don’t like Kanye because of his bad reputation, but no one can deny his genius when it comes to making music. In my opinion, one of the greatest songs he and Kid Cudi ever made is “Ghost Town.” In the song, they talked about Kanye’s struggle with his bipolar disorder and other problems. The most standout lyrics of the song in my opinion is on the chorus that goes “I’ve been tryin’ to make you love me But everything I try just takes you further from me.” In this bit, Kanye and Cudi aren’t actually talking about other people loving them, but rather themselves. After “Ghost Town,” Kid Cudi and Kanye releases an album that talks entirely about mental health problems called “KIDS SEE GHOSTS.” The 5th track on the album “Reborn” is the one song everyone struggling with mental health problems must hear. This song is very therapeutic. This is the song everyone with depression and suicidal thoughts need to hear. This song feels like a warm big hug, telling you not to give up and keep moving forward and everything will work out eventually.

These therapeutic music is different than just a regular sad song. A sad song just feels like an expression of complaint compared to the songs that actually expresses raw emotion and encouragement. We need to put some respect for artists who made music to help people, because they are heroes who probably saved millions of lives across the globe. They proved that music can help coping with our problems, no matter how big or small they are. They are the reason why music can save lives.

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