Does Cirrhosis Cause Gynecomastia

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  • Published April 8, 2022
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There are several things that could cause man boobs. This can start with something as simple as fat deposits in the pectoral region, and then ramp up towards cancerous growths in different parts of the body. Finding a way to fight back and ensure that you are able to get the upper hand in this malady is rough at first glance, but it is not impossible. The option is a matter of looking into several elements and focusing on the greater good that could come with finding the root cause. One of the many things you may want to look into, and something that many have found to be interesting in connecting the dots of this malady is that of cirrhosis of the liver.

What is Cirrhosis

This is an issue that is a direct result of the liver becoming damaged. Damaged liver can be a result of a number of different problems, including that of drinking. Those that drink too much, too often, will harden the tissue of the liver and will cause a serious amount of damage to the tissue. When that hardens, the filtration system of the body can end up getting a serious push backwards. As the body deals with trying to filter out chemicals, due in large part to the damage the liver sustains, this issue becomes more prominent.

As for how it connects with the man boobs issue, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t do so directly. The issue builds up as a result of medication that is required to treat the symptoms and issue as a whole. As the medication is used to block certain enzymes and glands from hormonal balances, the body has enlargement in the pectoral region.

Fighting Back

There are ways to fix this, and it is usually a matter of looking into a specialist. You have to visit an endocrinologist to figure out what the bigger issue is here. You are not going to end up getting any sort of helping hand if you do not consider this as a whole. You will find that the doctor can look and test for several issues including the cirrhosis quotient to see if there’s factors that are linking up. Once a root cause is found, development for a change of pace and fix can be established. Without a fix here, you cannot return the damage and get help overall.

At the end of the day, the answer to the initial question is no. However, the medications can cause it, and therefore it’s important to speak with a physician when this starts to happen in order to find an alternative or treatment that is going to help with the issue of gynecomastia as a whole. It’s possible to reverse this, and in some instances all it takes is a modification of the medicine that is giving the side effect moving forward. Always speak with professional when it comes to these issues, especially when experiencing side effects in regards to medications for the liver and beyond.

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