Why Should You Learn How to Survive Military Prison?

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  • Published April 9, 2022
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What is so important about learning how to survive military prison? After all, aren’t all prisoners the same? If you are about to get incarcerated to a military prison and these questions are bugging your mind, then read on.

Prison Ranking Officers and Staff

Military prisons are divided in three levels: low, medium and high security. Each level has diverse regulations, but be assured that they maintain tighter security and more exceptional system than that of a common prison. Prison officers underwent intensive training and the ranking officials are handpicked based on their skills, ability and previous military service experience. So the first thing that you must keep in mind is to never underestimate the capacity of prison staff.

Inside the prison, the staff makes sure that prisoners’ needs are well taken care of, especially those who are in need of medical assistance or undergoing rehabilitation programs. The medical practitioners who deal with the prisoners are not short of military training. They underwent special orientation that will provide them adequate knowledge in dealing with prisoners with high security risk or in a life-long sentence.

To avoid complications inside a military cell, it would help to learn about its specific guidelines before your official entry. You wouldn’t want to commit mistakes that will give prison officials the opportunity to break or use you. Military prison personnel were trained to execute prison rules, not tolerate prisoners. It’s better to learn the rules on how to survive military prison than struggle the entire duration of your sentence.

Military Prison Inmates

Every minute of prisoners’ daily life inside the prison is carefully scheduled by the staff. That pretty much shows how intensive the work they have to do in order to keep the military prison in order. It also means the prisoners here are not the same as, or may even be far worse, than those from the regular prison cells.

Nonetheless, military prisoners are not one and the same. Those in the level 1 may be inside simply because they need to be disciplined for a few days or weeks. Even then, you will never know what you can expect from their behavior or attitude inside the cell. Everything can go wrong if the prisoner is defiant and rebellious. Prisoners like them can make your stay inside the prison feel like hell.

Moreover, you have to be careful in communicating with other inmates. The prison staff watches you 24/7. They monitor your every move including eating, reading and talking with others. You may easily get in trouble if you get acquainted with the wrong people. Even if you meant to do well, other prisoners may be able to manipulate you if you are not careful with your actions. It’s okay to talk with others but you need to maintain a certain degree of civility if you don’t want to get in more trouble than you are already in.

So there you have it. Hopefully, by reading this article, you are able to understand why it’s important for you to find out how to survive military prison.

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