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  • Author Shahed Alsayed Ahmad
  • Published May 12, 2022
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Have you ever wondered how makeup companies test their products before introducing them to the market? After reading, you will question yourself about every item you buy. Disappointed, many worldwide products are tested on animals. Imagining that is a disaster itself. Many animals are now dying and suffering because of animal testing. Not only animals are being tested by makeup, but also other stuff like fictional unbeneficial scientific experiments due to the lack of human dignity. Although animal testing is used in scientific helpful experiments, animal testing should be banned because of its effect on human and animal’s populations, and the torture of god’s creatures spreading unmerciful qualities.

Animal testing not only affects animals but humans also. Animal testing has existed for centuries, it was accepted in society as long as it isn't endangering their life. In contrast, with technological development, scientists now know the fact that animals are needed for human life to continue. They provide food for people to live. According to scientific shows, over the past years, animal testing has increased resulting in decreasing the population of animals. Therefore, resulting in less energy and food needed for the life to proceed. This issue didn’t reach its limit yet, it isn't yet a worldwide issue equivalent to poverty, climate change, etc. You might not feel that you should do something about it since it doesn’t have that much effect on our lives now. However, this is going to be a problem in the future if people didn’t start working to prevent it. Because in the future, this could become an issue endangering life on earth far enough decreasing the resources needed for the continuation of life.

What about the animal’s pain? Do people who test on animals think of their suffering? Animals aren’t robots, they have feelings too. They can feel pain, joy, happiness, and sadness as much as humans. If they can’t defend themselves doesn’t mean they are not feeling pain. In 2021, an animated short film about animal testing especially rabbits were released producing huge chiaos all over social media. This short film talked about how animals feel when they are being tested for unessential things or products that aren’t needed for life. In that film it was makeup. Later, everyone started posting about it and creating hashtags about saving animals, but because it was a trend it was forgotten over time, which shows that they didn’t care about the animals but followed the trend. In addition, many people Instead of stopping using the products that were tested on animals, they used them and spread them more. God created animals not for people to torture and play with, but with a goal. Even if one of the goals was to feed humans, that doesn’t give them the right to abuse and torture them but instead, take care of them and treat them the best way possible. By continuing animal abuse, people are spreading monster qualities that their kids are hearing and seeing resulting in them growing and using it and teaching their children and so on. It is like a cycle, the second it starts it won't end and it will keep going unless there was action towards this problem. These qualities are not the qualities we learned from our great ancestors because all of this wouldn’t happen without the advancement of technology.

Opponents argue that animal testing is necessary and without it many medicines and important discoveries in medicine and other specialties. For instance, vaccinations that were produced during pandemics and stopped many of them were tested on animals like pneumonia, pneumonia vaccinations were found by testing on a mouse, so it is very important to test on animals for life continuation. This is true and I agree, However, nowadays if you compare the number of animals tested for medicine and animals that are used for testing products that can be eliminated, the numbers are similar. Because over the years technology and innovation advanced causing new products to be made and are all tested on animals. In addition, humans are also used for scientific experiments, why don’t people now use them to test beauty products and others? What is the excuse? If you find it ok to test on animals then why don’t you test it on yourself, what is the difference between both ways it's going to affect the human population, it's just the way and time difference.

In conclusion, Animal testing should be banned for the safety of humans and animal’s populations, and the safety of human qualities. After reading this essay, you would probably wonder how can I help? Very easy, spread awareness on social media, form small groups and organizations to help and spread. Inform other people about the effect of animal testing. If you can’t do that the least you can do is not buy any products or makeup that were tested on animals, with that you can make sure that the company sees that there aren’t many customers and maybe stop selling those products. Maybe the company that tests on animals will stop and find an alternative solution. Shortly, a small action or help can make a big difference. And always remember that there are curtains on the products you see and buy every day, behind the curtains is dark, and if people know about this darkness, then they would help to stop it.

Hello my name is shahd, i like to write and publish articles that are related to problems in earth that could later on in the future become a global issue and struggle like climate change.

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