The Three Mechanical Engineering Options at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Mechanical Engineering is a popular discipline, it is one of the commonly offered engineering programme at higher education institution: be it at university, polytechnic or at some other vocational or technical education institutions.

The engineering discipline has to do with making and maintenance of machines of various use and sizes and in the consultancy and marketing of engineering products.

As important as Mechanical Engineering is, it is inevitable in other engineering disciplines, the work of a mechanical engineer cut across all industries. It is a basis for some engineering disciplines such as Aerospace Enginering, Automotive Engineering, Locomotive Engineering and Marine Engineering. We find the work of mechanical engineers in Computer, Robot, Electrical, Systems, Petroleum, Mining and some other known engineering disciplines.

Many of the universities that offer Mechanical Engineering as a taught subject offer it with various options and one of such universities is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), California.

MIT parade three (3) options for it taught Mechanical Engineering as they are mentioned below. This mean when you are admitted to study for a degree in this major at MIT you could always find an option underneath it that suit your purpose or your talent as a student.

The three (3) Mechanical Engineering options at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States are as following:

Mechanical Engineering (BSc):

This is the flagship programme at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, (MIT) It is design to help students understand the basic principle of Mechanical Engineering and it application in solving day to day challenges face by man and it's environment.

The programme is taught by qualified and highly experienced lecturers who are able to imparted relevent experience and updated engineering techniques and modern research practices.

Engineering (BSc):

This engineering programme is broad and interdisciplinary. It is meant to walk students through all form of engineering programmes at the early years of study and later concentrate in one major area of discipline as per the desire or the ability of a student.

The BSc Engineering as a programme according to MIT, is pulling a lot of attention from within and outside the US because of the fact that it offers tailor made curriculum plus some of the core courses as with the flagship mechanical engineering.

Mechanical and Ocean Engineering (BSc):

When you study oceanography, you are knowledgeable in anything ocean and this include the ocean ecosystem, marine life, ocean waves, currents and many more but the programme: Mechanical and Ocean Engineering as being taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering focus on the engineering aspect of ocean, the subject area which is rarely taught at anywhere..

The programme walk the students through the application of mechanical engineering to the ocean exploration, extracting resourses and to making ocean useable for transportation and for defence purposes like how it affect the movement and the functionality of a submarine. It also equipped the student with the skill to designing and developing underwater vehicles, robots, sensors and weapons.

All the programme options offers by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology are accredited by ABET and each is run for a minimum duration of four (4) years. They are all undergraduate programmes.

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