How to Survive Prison as a Sex Offender?

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  • Published April 26, 2022
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As much as everyone is at risk when in prison, there are certain groups of people who are more in danger than others. Sex offenders, especially child molesters are among the most harmful prisoners due to the nature of their offense. Stories about abuse (physical and verbal) received by these offenders from fellow prisoners abound. That is why if you belong to this group of prisoner, you must know how to survive prison as a sex offender.

If you are a convicted child molester and your fellow prisoners know about it, you will probably be the object of physical abuse (being physically knocked around), as well as sexual and verbal abuse. How to survive prison as a sex offender depends on your attitude and how you conduct yourself while being incarcerated. Many prisoners (as much as many of them are hardened convicts who perpetrated various crimes) are not fond of people who molest children and rapes women.

Many child molesters and rapists have been sodomized and sexually assaulted by fellow prisoners, to get across their feelings of rage for the crime committed by such offenders; hence, it would be best to lie low and not get on the nerves of your fellow prisoners, and the guards if you don’t want to catch their attention. Getting unwarranted attention by being loud or snitching, can make fellow prisoners interested in you. They will likely inquire about your crimes and that is not good for you.

It is better for others to speculate on your crimes than be really sure about your offense. By keeping to yourself and being respectful of others, you will less likely earn the ire of other prisoners. Even if you hear and see things around you, say nothing of it to others, especially the guards. People will see this as snitching, an act which also belongs to the likes of sexual offenders.

Paramount to learning various ways on how to survive prison as a sex offender is having the right attitude, when in prison. Do not shout at people or call them names. Avoid being boisterous as it can only attract negative people. Say “thank you “or “excuse me” when you have to and avoid hanging out with prisoners who are always looking for trouble. Don’t show you are too hard or well-above the rest of the lot. People will hate you for it.

This especially holds true if they learn that you are a sex offender. However, learn not to come on as weak either or else people will push you around and pounce on you. Strike a balanced personality that makes people think twice before making a move against you.

Choose your friends. You may be amongst convicts but you can find friends whom you can trust, no matter how impossible it may sound. They are still human beings who have done something wrong and who may have already realized their wrongs and is already on their way towards renewing themselves for the better.

Be honest to these people whom you call friends and admit your offense. They may feel differently at first but when they can tell that you are truly remorseful about what you have done, they will help protect you from would-be abusers in prison.

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