Safety guidelines for warehouse operations (loading and unloading, packaging, personnel, equipment)

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Loading and unloading operations

1、When unloading and opening the door, try to open the door slowly to prevent the door from opening too fast causing the goods to fall suddenly and injure people.

2、When forklift operation, there should be someone to assist in the command, and the personnel who carry out loading and unloading operation should always pay attention to avoid.

3、When loading and unloading workers stack pallets high, they should pay attention to the stability of the pallets, and if they need to add more pallets, someone should help to finish them to prevent the goods from falling down or the pallets from tipping over and injuring people.

4、Don't be close to the high pallets or poorly stored cargoes when the stevedore takes a break during his shift.

5、When working at height, you should be more cautious to prevent falling from height and dumping of goods. Select the applicable tools and adopt the correct loading and unloading process according to the performance, shape and operating environment of the materials. Do a good job between machinery and machinery, machinery and manpower to work with each other, safe operation.

6, human handling of larger goods should pay attention to the presence of cracks, the risk of collapse, it is not easy to move the application of crowbar plucking, not by hand. When moving, it should be moved from top to bottom in a step-by-step manner, layer by layer, and digging is strictly prohibited to prevent collapse.

7、When cargo forklift is transported, it must be fixed with winding film or tape; the pallet for transportation must be ensured to be intact; the vehicle must be fixed according to the fixed carabiner, which is used to fix the cargo, machine mold equipment; the carriage must be completely closed and fastened with the carabiner.

8、When loading and unloading by cargo forklift, it must be sure that the goods have been fixed before loading and unloading, and the loading and unloading should be operated in order, and the forklift speed needs to be paid attention to when loading and unloading to avoid damage to the goods by bad operation.

9、Operators shall not carry out high-intensity handling work in a fatigued state; goods shall not be thrown or dropped maliciously when handling. Avoid causing unsafe factors for personnel and materials.

10、Operators must pay attention to light handling, cargo handling needs to consider the weight of the goods and the height of the goods stacked, the surrounding environment and the state of their own work; when using tools must pay attention to the safety of the use of tools.

11、Before handling heavy objects, check whether there are nails and sharp pieces on the object to avoid damage, and wear gloves and other appropriate protective equipment when working.

12、Apply the palm of your hand to grip the object, do not only use your fingers to grasp the object, so as not to fall off.

13、When loading and unloading goods on the rack with forklift, the height of the rack and the load-bearing capacity of the rack must be fully considered, and items that cannot be loaded on the rack to prevent the rack from collapsing into a safety accident.

14、After the operation is completed, the site must be cleaned up immediately so that there is no garbage when people leave.

Packing operation

1、According to the different packaging and nature of the goods match the appropriate tools and pallets.

2、Loading should be smooth and firm, neat and tidy in all directions, with clear points.

3、No less than 2 workers when loading.

4, used for packaging materials such as plastic tubes, bags and other packaging materials in the discard, to check whether there is material residue, not allowed to plastic tubes and other materials in its outer packaging together with the discard.

5、Packaging should be adapted to the characteristics of the goods to prevent damage, deterioration, pollution and other losses occurring.

Personal safety

1、Do not violate the rules of command, do not violate the rules of operation, prohibit climbing racks, refuse to work with dangerous.

2、Pay attention to the rope used to tie the clothes on the racks, and clean up in time after dismantling to prevent tripping and falling.

3、When using the shopping cart to pick up goods, pay attention to whether there are foreign objects on the shopping wheels, if there are foreign objects timely repair or replacement.

4、When working at height, you need to use the aerial ladder and fix the four wheels to prevent people from falling when the aerial ladder slides during operation.

5、When the warehouse roll-up door is raised, it is forbidden for employees to enter to prevent the roll-up door from accidents leading to casualties, and the roll-up door needs to be stopped before entering.

6、When there is a need to enter the second floor to take goods, to do a steady and steady, step on each step to prevent stepping on the air fall injury.

Equipment use

1、Check whether the fixed points of the beam are connected properly at both ends of the rack and whether there are rust cracks and whether the beam is bent.

2, the shopping cart whether there is a rope tied to the movable parts, whether the wheels are wired, rope entanglement resulting in the inability to turn. In the case of failure to repair can directly apply for replacement.

3, electrical equipment inspection, electrical equipment are opened, first check the electrical box whether there is odor, switch temperature, line temperature, road bifurcation temperature. After the inspection is completed, according to the results of the inspection power off repair or very replace the line.

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