5 Advantages of Using Electrical Hoist in The Workplace


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  • Published June 19, 2022
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In the construction industry a hoist or a crane are valuable tools on site. These products are designed to lift loads off the ground and place them where they need to be to get the job done. They can also be used to load or offload a truck, so the transport industry benefits from using them as well. Actually, any type of business that handles heavy loads should have either a hoist, or a crane for its daily operations.

Let’s have a look at the benefit of using an electrical hoist at the working place.

1 - Protect the health and wellbeing of workers

The benefits of using these products are immense. First, the business protects the health and wellbeing of the workers by not having them to lift and carry heavy loads. Besides, the lifting task is done faster and the risk of accident is eliminated, as good hoists have safety systems in place to avoid the load to be dropped if the equipment has a malfunction.

If a worker is lifting multiple 20kg boxes every day, he or she will certainly feel the negative impact on his or her health within time. It is just not worth it! An electrical hoist is very simple to use, all the worker has to do is hook the rope properly on the load and push a button; so it is not time consuming at all!

Hoists and cranes must be used as first resource even for small loads, such as 20kg or so, especially since there are many of these loads to be handled on a daily basis.

2 - Emergency Stop

Good electrical hoists will feature an emergency stop button. Press this button at any time and the hoist will stop immediately and hold the position. If the load is half way into the air, this is where the load will be after the emergency stop is activated. To resume the normal operation, all the operator has to do is press the start button again.

3 - Steady operation time

It does not matter how heavy the load is and how many loads need to be handled. An electrical hoist will always take the same time to handle the load. It means it is easy to predict how long it takes to get the job done. This is particularly important to businesses as they have to predict operating times to allocate labor and budget.

4 - Reduce operation cost

The business that uses an electrical hoist instead of using manual labor to handle heavy loads minimize the risk of health problems and accidents to its workers. A person should use his or her abilities to solve problems and improve productivity, and not lifting heavy weights on a daily basis for living. There is no place for manual tasks like that in the modern workplace, and the managers and directors of companies that have banned manual heavy lifting have the correct and modern attitude.

It is only about the workers, but also about the operation cost. In the long run, it is way more economical to run a business that relies on automated lifting rather than manual handling by the business workers. Besides, the insurance premium will be lower, as the risk of injuries and accidents is reduced significantly.

5- Increase productivity

Automated lifting tasks means more loads can be moved in short periods of time. The process of loading or unloading is predictable and quick compared to manual handling. It means the business can do more in less time, improving productivity. With high productivity comes higher profits. Even though there will be an initial investment in the hoist, and ongoing maintenance. The benefits outweigh the investment, bringing better opportunities for the business.

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