Why Godzilla and Kong should have a rematch in GvK 2?

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  • Author Alvin Leuneberg
  • Published June 24, 2022
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The Sequel to Godzilla vs Kong is set to film late this year. Half of people think this movie would be a rematch between the two monsters and another half of people are saying that this will be a solo Kong movie.

I think Godzilla and Kong should have a rematch in GvK 2 because since Kong won in 1962 and since Godzilla won in 2021. The current scale is 1 to 1. I know this fight has already been done in the Monsterverse. But that doesn't mean that Godzilla and Kong shouldn't fight again. If this movie is a rematch between these two titans. Then Godzilla and Kong should have a rematch in the middle of the movie and Kong would win this time and that is how he would became King Kong. and then at the end of this movie they would team up against a bigger and stronger foe.

If this is not the final movie of the Monsterverse then they could make a whole lots of movies if GvK 2 is a rematch of the two titans because they could make a Kong movie after the sequel and it could be called King Kong in which year the movie is made. Even if this is the final movie of the Monsterverse then they should have a rematch. Even if it wasn't the final movie they should still have a rematch.

If Godzilla and Kong do have rematch then after there rematch takes place I think Biollante or Destroyah would be a good monster for them to team up against. I doubt it that they will kill off Godzilla or Kong. I would love to see Godzilla send Rodan to the Hollow Earth to fight Kong and the two titans would battle it out and Kong would win and then Rodan would bowed to Kong and I would also love to see Behemonth fighting Kong too and Kong winning and then Behemonth would bow down to Kong and the other titans in the Hollow Earth would also respect Kong as their king like Titanus Doug could bow down to Kong. When Godzilla hears that Rodan and Behemonth have bowed down to Kong he would be mad and he would send all of the other titans like Mothra and Scylla and Methuslah to fight Kong and Godzilla would lead the titans that bowed down to him into the Hollow Earth and then the two sides would fight it out and maybe the other titans on Kong´s and Godzilla´s side would stop fighting and they would be tired while Godzilla and Kong are still fighting it out and they would just watch and then Kong would defeat Godzilla this time and then all of the titans would bow down to Kong. But right when Godzilla has time to be mad about the titans bowing down to Kong. Destroyah or Biollante would show up and Kong´s and Godzilla´s Team will have to team up to fight the big kaiju and that will include Godzilla and Kong would have to team up too. I will be thinking at least 1 titan would be killed and that will be Mothra because she always dies and she would have already layed a egg. Also Kong could get his lighting powers and Godzilla could turn into burning and then that´s how they will kill the big kaiju. Then maybe Godzilla will realized that Kong might be a good alpha and he lets Kong be the alpha or maybe Godzilla will risked his life to kill the kaiju and after Godzilla dies Kong would became the King of the monsters. I would love to see a movie after GvK 2 if it is a rematch and if Kong defeats Godzilla and if Kong becomes the alpha. I would love for them to make another movie called Kong King of the Monsters or just King Kong and if they do have the two titans fight it out again and if Kong defeats Godzilla this time, and if Godzilla thinks Kong will be a good alpha and if he bows to Kong then they will truly became allies.

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My name is Alvin Leuneberg and I am 14 years old and I am a big fan of the monsterverse. I am also a Kong fan and I would love to see Kong and Godzilla have a rematch.

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