Easily Review Data Lost or Protected on iOS Devices and Backup Files

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  • Author Vladimir Katalov
  • Published June 25, 2022
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ElcomSoft Phone Viewer (EPV) is a simple and easy-to-use tool for accessing, browsing, and analyzing information stored on iOS devices and computers. It features both stand-alone capabilities as well as integration with other ElcomSoft products such as ElcomSoft Phone Breaker (EPPB) or Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit (EIFT). The latter allows you to access even the most protected Apple devices.

ElcomSoft Phone Viewer can display pictures, videos, messages, and call history stored on your computer or an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch connected via USB cable. It also supports extracted files from iCloud Drive containers if they are shared with you by another user of this application.

With this bespoke software, you can view data decrypted or downloaded from Apple iCloud and other sources, analyze online activities, including activity logs and browser history, access synced data, passwords, and messages stored by third-party apps installed on the device. It cam also aggregate locations over time within the same geographic area to reveal more than just the last known location of your device (supports geofencing).

When you have a forensic image of an iOS device created using ElcomSoft Phone Breaker, you can use it to extract pictures and videos from the memory dump. In addition, if the device's passcode is known (or has been recovered), you'll be able to access the data in its entirety by connecting it directly to your computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi Ad Hoc mode (using Airplane Mode).

If none of these options work for you, there are still ways to access photos on iPhones. If your friend has an old iPhone, which is no longer used, but still remembers the password for logging in to iCloud - this could be an excellent option for recovering those precious memories without having any technical knowledge.

Anytime you want to revisit past health information, you can use this software to analyze Apple Health data that is available in the forensic dump and display it along with other information. You can use Apple Health to track your health condition by monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and other indicators of your physical fitness.

ElcomSoft offers two versions of ElcomSoft Phone Viewer - Standard Edition and Advanced Edition - both of which are available in a free trial version with full functionality disabled after 10 days unless activated by purchasing a license key online through our website at https://www.ElcomSoft.com/epv.html.

Imagine the capabilities of forensic tools that allow you to view images captured on an iPhone in a gallery view or read old Telegram messages by date. This is precisely what data experts, law enforcement, and private individuals need to recover from devices that may have been damaged or are no longer accessible.

Vladimir Katalov is CEO, co-founder and co-owner of ElcomSoft. Vladimir manages all technical researches and product developments in the company. He regularly presents on various events and regularly runs security and computer forensics trainings.

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