The Place of Augmented Reality in Marketing

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  • Author Andrew R Jones
  • Published July 6, 2022
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The Place of Augmented Reality in Marketing

When the latest iPhone was released, and people realized that they were optimized for augmented reality, the tool stopped becoming a fad or a way to play games and started looking like a serious addiction to the tools that advertisers have and the places where advertisements can be placed. Augmented reality is just one of the places in the future where people will see advertisements, and modern marketers need to be aware of it.

A few years ago, no one was thinking of the commercialization of augmented reality – except for a few savvy futurists perhaps. But today, augmented reality has so many applications that have been thought of, it is all but a certainty that this will be one of the major markets in the coming decades.

Augmented reality is usually used with smartphones and the cameras that they contain right now. But devices are being created that will take the place of those smartphones and show the world in an entirely new way. What if you bought furniture and then installed an app that told you exactly what each piece was and how to put it together. No more spending time looking for the right piece and working from a sheet of confusing instructions. The augmented reality could show you 3D images of how you should be using the tools and putting things together.

But most of the time, what people are going to be doing is using virtual reality apps to interact with the world around them, to find information about things just exactly as they would on the internet. If they see something in reality that they want to find out more about they will get that information through augmented reality, and that’s where advertising can come in. It is very likely that the internet will advance to the point where all of the real-world space is real estate for augmented reality as well as marketing.

So, how do businesses take advantage of that marketing opportunity when it comes? Well, for now, it is enough to be aware of it, because if you follow the technology, you will be able to get in on the ground floor and establish yourself in the augmented reality space. It is likely that an augmented reality internet will function much like the current version, so establishing yourself early in the game is key to success.

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