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It's not surprising, given that Ontario has 22 distinct squirrel species. Squirrels are a problem for residents of Toronto and Mississauga as their population is ever-growing. More squirrels mean a greater chance of them invading homes and buildings. As squirrel populations continue to expand, these furry guys can cause damage to homes and commercial buildings by chewing on wires and causing fires. Yes, you read that right, squirrels have been known to cause fires!

What are Squirrels?

Squirrels are small rodents that adapt well to changing seasons and environments. They are not nocturnal animals. They are, in fact, diurnal animals, which means they prefer to be active during the day. This also means you'll notice them if you have them on your property. They are quite noisy when they are above you in your attic or playing on your walls.

Where do Squirrels live?

Squirrels thrive when there is plenty of food, water and shelter available to them. This means squirrels have no boundaries on where they can establish their homes - which means squirrels can choose anywhere to live, including inside your home or commercial property! They frequently crawl into attics to keep warm during the winter months, where they may easily gnaw through the insulation to make their own home. Once they get comfortable, they will build a nest for their squirrel babies to live in. Because squirrels are very social creatures, they will continue to come back and make the same home year after year if not removed correctly.

Squirrels are cute, but their presence in your home is anything but. Once they begin nesting, it's nearly impossible to get squirrels out on your own. Trying to trap or remove them yourself can be dangerous because squirrels are known for carrying diseases that can transfer to humans. They can also become aggressive when cornered or threatened, so it's best to leave squirrel removal up to our professional wildlife control experts.

Here are 4 Things You Need To Know About Hawkeye's Squirrel Removal Services :

First, we check to see whether you have squirrels and where they are nesting. They may enter homes and buildings via tiny fissures and gaps, which they can pass through as their bodies measure around a clenched fist in size. There are different signs of a squirrel infestation such as sounds in the walls, droppings, nests, visibly chewed wires and obvious damage.

Second, we go over the different methods of removal we have available. Rest assured that there are many humane ways squirrels can be removed from your properties and professional squirrel removal companies like Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control Specialists can take care of squirrels.

Third, We take action right away. The properties that squirrels invade can become costly and troublesome to deal with. Hiring squirrel removal experts is the only way to handle squirrel invasions!

Hawkeye's professional squirrel removal team helps Toronto and Mississauga homeowners and businesses eliminate squirrel problems, saving you time and money.

Forth, we provide preventative measures to keep squirrels out of properties so you can avoid future squirrel invasions. As much as we love our customers, we prefer to only make 1 visit! Saves us time and your money.

Can I keep a squirrel as a pet?

We're frequently asked if people can keep them as pets, which is understandable since they appear to be so cute. The answer is no.

There are some videos online of people with pet squirrels that seem docile and domesticated. But those are rare and special cases. A squirrel will never be a pet like a cat or a dog, they need to live outside where they can enjoy their natural habitat. Sadly, many squirrels we come across in Toronto and Mississauga; especially baby squirrels who have been abandoned by their mother are in very poor health and need professional help that you cannot provide.

It's very important to remember that they are not intended to be domesticated and you can never know how many illnesses they may carry. It may appear to be a good idea, especially if it's a baby squirrel, but in the long run, squirrels are wild animals that should be left in nature. No matter how cute they may look to you.

We understand taking matters into your own hand might seem like a good idea if you think a squirrel is injured, but you need to remember that they can and will become agitated and aggressive, especially if they have a nest of babies nearby. Squirrel mamas are very territorial and will protect their babies which means they might bite if you get too close.

If you're worried about the squirrels' safety, don't be. Our squirrel removal experts will remove squirrels in a humane way without harming them. We can assist if a squirrel is too sick to return to the wild. Wildlife rehabilitation centers exist that can help us. It's critical not to attempt to capture or trap the squirrel on your own!

Hawkeye Wildlife Control has been solving Toronto and Mississauga's squirrel problems for years, providing sustainable, safe, and humane squirrel removal services. Our team is made up of trained professionals who understand squirrel behaviour. Call us today for a free consultation – 416 429 5393

Dan Frankian has worked nationally, as well as internationally, for various government agencies and large corporations. His international portfolio includes projects in the Galapagos Islands, Thailand and the United States. Dan Frankian’s birds of prey and dogs have appeared in TV shows and documentaries, and in Harry Potter Movies.


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