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"Change remains the sole constant within the realm technological world." and React isn't any different. As technology advances, React needed to adapt as well.

ReactJs is recognized as the JavaScript library to create UI and mobile apps. As time passed it began to evolve. React is no longer simply a UI library. It's an ecosystem of frameworks and libraries like Redux, Relay, React Native and many more.

The UI library that allows users to create user interfaces is still in use however it is used in a variety of applications. For example instance, the Facebook Ads Manager app uses React.js and the Relay framework makes use of React Native at its core.

React has developed so rapidly in the past that one can create anything with it, from a simple blog site to a more complex native or web-based application.

Let's jump right into the most popular React trends in development for 2022.

If you're looking for a hands-on practical method of learning React and Redux, then React - the Complete Manual (incl Hooks, React Router, and Redux) still remains the most effective way to learn React.

#1. React Server Side Rendering Will Boost App Load Time

Presently, React is more popular on the web than on phones. As per Google patterns, more developers look for "React" rather than "React Native. The reason for this is due to the fact that it's compatible with the major browsers.

The server-side rendering feature of React has been expected to get more acceptance in the market over the next few years. It will be most likely due to the following two factors:

• The components of a page will be rendered by the server and are then transmitted to the browser using the server's rendering. This increases the speed of the page render time significantly.

• It is also possible to speed up load times using an application such as ReactDOMServer. This tool lets you render HTML Markup direct through Node.js directly to your client (browser).

The React team is planning to enhance this area by using various rendering techniques on servers. It will, for instance, enable JSX-to JavaScript transformations to be used on large-scale apps by optimising the caching of client results.

Simply stated, server-side rendering can let your app run faster and give users with a better experience. This way it increases the chances of expanding your business increase. So, it's a good moment to engage the developers who react to help you expand your presence in the marketplace with superior websites, apps etc.

#2. Most businesses will embrace single-page Applications (SPA)

React is also a key element in the development of single-page websites (SPAs). It allows developers to create applications that have an elegant, modern interface with declarative programming.

SPAs enable users to access information fast, without downloading new websites. It also provides a seamless user experience. This has led to more companies adopting SPAs on their sites. This technology market is expected to grow by 23% in the next couple of years.

A search on Google Trends of Single Page Application tells us how popular these applications are becoming.

Image Source: Searchenginewatch

#4. React-based CMSs will become a lot more In Demand

React also comes with CMS for managing content (CMToday and a few of the most well-known CMSsincluding GraphCMS, GraphCMS, Netlify, etc.) offering React development.

Let's consider this in the context before getting deep CMS markets to share as well as CMS use figures. Over 72 million active websites are using CMS online on January 20, 2021.

It's no surprise that WordPress is the dominant player in the CMS market with more than 400 million active websites running on its platform today. Other major players are:

• Joomla (over 27 million active websites).

• Drupal (over five million sites active).

• Magento (just less than 4.8 million active websites).

But, anything can occur in today's competitive world, so don't exclude React as well as any of the other frameworks to create online content when you are forecasting the future.

In the same way that Reacts application developers are sought-after for their new web application architectures and web applications, expect to see a few of them appearing in the top rankings in the near future.

#4. More Developers Will Make Use of ReactJs to develop Web Applications

Today ReactJs may be the most sought-after JavaScript library. In addition, it permits developers to develop reusable UI components. This cuts down on the time needed to develop and also the cost associated with developing websites.

Based on StackOverflow, ReactJs is the most used JavaScript library in the world. This will lead to an increasing the number of web developers using it to create websites and applications, which is good for the future of ReactJs.

Through ReactJs, web developers are able to create web pages in a snap. For instance, they won't need to be concerned about various variations of this library since Facebook guarantees that it is compatible with the latest versions of JavaScript along with HTML5 as well as CSS3.

Furthermore, it comes with a wide range of third-party tools that help simplify workflows and make them simple to manage.

#5. React is a tool that will be used to develop Enterprise Mobile App Development

At the moment, companies and startups are making use of React for web development. However, as the community expands increasing numbers of enterprises are making use of ReactJs for mobile application development.

ReactJs is highly popular for mobile app development. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Myntra make use of ReactJs for mobile application development.

Image Source

As React expands its reach within the enterprise sector We can anticipate an enormous shift in mobile app development for enterprises this year.

#7. Machine Learning Web Applications Using ReactJs

Machine Learning (ML) is growing in popularity with those in the corporate world. Through this technology, you can create web-based applications that are highly efficient which predict outcomes and offer solutions to your problems.

In accordance with the findings of a research report by the industry, Machine Learning will be valued at $28.5 billion. Deep Learning Software will grow to an estimated value of $80 million in the next couple of years.

The reason is that the power of Machine Learning is limitless. Its features include:

  1. Predictive Analytics: The aim of using Machine Learning in predictive analytics is to assist you in predicting the future outcome. It is possible to use this technology for instance to determine if an individual will purchase your product in the next month based on their purchase past.

  2. Predefined tasks: Another advantage of using Machine Learning in web application development is that it lets you define clearly defined objectives. These rules are later transformed into algorithms that aid you in solving issues, making precise predictions, and analysing data effectively.

  3. Self-learning capabilities Virtual assistants are adding Machine Learning technology to boost their efficiency levels. For instance, the Amazon Echo uses voice recognition technology to comprehend your requirements and give you relevant responses.

In addition, it removes the requirement for human intervention in daily operations. Companies can handle more data and offer better solutions in the process.

React is capable of handling the development of web applications using ML. This is due to the fact that it can connect to machine learning libraries like TensorFlow and SciKit. It lets you utilize huge amounts of data efficiently which will allow businesses to expand rapidly in the coming years.

In this regard that ML-based apps are being developed using ReactJs.

Top Reasons TO select REACTJS for 2022:

  1. Reusable Components in ReactJS:

React JS uses components to create your web pages. Each page, post or other web-based development will have a distinct structure. ReactJS can assist you by providing reused components in case you need to use the same structure over and over repeatedly.

React JS helps developers to use the best practices for web development in a straightforward manner. Numerous top companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb use React JS for their websites because of reused components.

  1. Virtual DO:

The greatest aspect of ReactJS is "VirtualDOM. It aids in the rapid updating of the rendering of the HTML5 document. If the content on your website page is changing frequently, then Virtual DOM can help improve the efficiency of your site by reducing the updating of changes to a real DOM.

  1. React Native

ReactJS is also compatible with React Native, a bonus feature that comes with React Native. Additionally, React Native combines the most beneficial features of native development with React to provide an ideal hybrid solution.

It is possible to create an application component which can be used on multiple devices by merging the most effective components of native coding with React. By using React Native, one group can manage two platforms.

React Native has already become one of the top platforms to develop cross-platform apps. It is likely to get even more popular by 2022.

As more and more businesses adopting mobile apps, the demand for app development on iOS and Android is also increasing. This is why we can see that the market for mobile app development is expected to expand by a CAGR of 11.5 percent between 2020 and 2027.

Image Source

The main question is: how can businesses respond to this need? Tools for cross-platform development such as React Native are certain to fill the gap between experienced app developers, and increasing demand for applications.

With its advantages for both developers and users alike, it's not difficult to understand why this platform will dominate the mobile app development market by 2022. React Native stands out as the most popular choice to create mobile apps with cross-platform development capabilities in this particular scenario.

Why shouldn't it be? It lets you build applications that work on both iOS or Android devices with minimal effort. It helps save both time and cash by making use of the same codebase for both platforms.

These are a few statistics to illustrate this point:

• A recent survey shows that many developers are using React Native for their apps. The majority of respondents claimed to have used this framework for app development.

Image Sources: Statista

• React Native currently has more than 100k stars on GitHub. This is a sign of its increasing popularity with developers.

Image Sources: GitHub

React the complete guide (incl Hooks React Router, Hooks, Redux) still remains the best way to master React.

Final Thoughts

React is the best JavaScript library currently in use. It has received popularity due to its flexibility and robust features. It is expected to increase because it will be more involved in mobile applications for enterprise development.

In addition, React's integration into other technologies will make it more popular. In the end, we can confidently claim that React has the potential to be a huge success!

Furthermore, if you're seeking a brand new JavaScript library that will assist you in creating a highly functional web-based application, React is the way to take it. It has already assisted a number of companies in increasing their both size and profit, and it could help your business too.

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