Synthetic Marijuana: K2/Kush Side Effects

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  • Published July 29, 2022
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The most popular synthetic marijuana brand names are K2, Kush, and Spice, and they are used interchangeably as street names for the new psychoactive substance.

Kush is a synthetic marijuana product name brand, playing on the similarly named strain of pot, “OG Kush,” and other Kush strains. The misleading name was intentional to make users believe it was a cannabis product or from a Kush plant. Kush has since become a catchall name along with K2 and Spice.

Despite being easy to find and commonly called a safe, legal alternative to marijuana, Spice is not the same. It is not derived from marijuana plants.

Synthetic marijuana is part of a different group of drugs called new psychoactive substances (NPS) that are mind-altering and difficult to regulate. K2/Kush is popular with young adults partly because most drug tests cannot detect it, although it has more potent, more dangerous, and negative effects than weed.

What Is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic cannabis is dried plant material that has been sprayed with lab-made chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids and other unknown chemicals.

Manufacturers spray the plant material with various chemical compounds and then dry it out, package it, and sell it as Spice, K2, Kush, and many other brand names. The final product is called synthetic marijuana or fake weed.

It is easy to find these synthetic products in gas stations, head shops, and other places that sell herbal alternatives. Often marketed as natural but labeled as not for human consumption.

What Are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Synthetic cannabinoids are lab-made chemicals made to mimic the naturally occurring chemicals called cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. These chemicals are made to mimic the naturally occurring cannabinoids in marijuana but are far from similar.

The reality is that synthetic cannabinoid products are nothing like real pot. The chemical compounds used in fake weed interact differently with the receptors in the brain. Because of this, the effects of synthetic marijuana are unpredictable and can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening.

Slang and Street Names for Synthetic Marijuana:

Manufacturers of Spice, K2, Kush, and other brands have found loopholes to keep the product legal and under the radar of authorities. Because of that, there are many different name brands and slang to refer to synthetic weed.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) currently lists the most common slang terms for synthetic marijuana as:

  • K2

  • Kush

  • Spice

  • Legal weed

  • Fake weed

  • Bliss

  • Purple Kush

  • Black Mamba

  • Kronic

  • K3

  • Blaze

  • Bombay Blue

  • Genie

  • Zohai

  • Red X

  • Dawn Scooby Skunk

  • Snax

  • Hindu Kush Mountain

K2/Kush Ingredients

There is no specific chemical or active ingredient in K2; there can be dozens to hundreds of different things mixed to produce the desired effects.

The federal government has banned the prevalent ones, but manufacturers constantly change formulas to avoid the law. Plants are sprayed with an active chemical created in a lab, dried out, and then chopped up or dissolved into a liquid.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that federal and state laws in the United States have begun to ban categories of ingredients rather than specific chemicals.

Much like Kratom, most Kush comes from Asia and is unregulated. That means that the amount of synthetic marijuana can vary from batch to batch, as can whatever other ingredients are present.

The CDC has found that synthetic cathinones, or bath salts, are a common ingredient in Spice. Even the plant material in Kush is not consistent. Everything from tea leaves, grass clippings, Indian Warrior, Lion’s Ear, Dog Rose, Marshmallow leaves, and dozens of other plant species have been found in K2/Kush. In addition, some of these plants have psychotropic effects on their own, which can have adverse effects when mixed with synthetic cannabis. You can read more and order here to have the most potent herbal incense products https

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