How to Trust Your Intuition as an Over 50 Women


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  • Published July 10, 2022
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Making decisions is one of the most challenging things we do in life. The good news is that there are many advantages to being a woman over 50, like making decisions. It becomes easier with age. The bad news is that we can't know the result of every decision before we make that decision.

But the adage says, "Make little decisions with your head. Make big decisions with your heart!"

But what does that mean? Why do the head and "heart," or intuition, contradict each other so often?

The Magic of Intuition

The source of intuition and how it manifests itself in human life remains somewhat a mystery. What do we know?

  1. Our minds are conscious and practical when making decisions.

  2. Beneath our subconscious, our minds collect data from our experiences. Some of that data escapes our conscious awareness.

  3. When a decision escapes our "logic" or "reason," intuition steps in.

  4. Intuition is a wealth of information collected from our past experiences and events. It can be a deceptive smile, a dubious tone of voice, a suspicious excuse, or even a strong feeling of connection and confidence that often surpasses understanding.

  5. Intuition is always the fastest to respond to a perceived threat or advantage, while the analytical mind can take a bit longer to collect important data for examination.

So, intuition comes from a part of the mind you can't control. It manifests as that "still small voice" that whispers from within.

Because it is such an individual experience, only you can tell if the voice or feeling you experience comes from your intuition or merely the iterations of an overactive mind.

Never Apologize for Trusting Your Intuition

Isn't it marvelous that we have a high command waiting on the sidelines to provide that enlightened perspective when we need it most? That's why you should never apologize for trusting your intuition. Here are some important ways for over 50 women to build a stronger awareness of intuition so that we can understand its valuable insights.

Stop and Listen

The best way to begin is by stopping when you feel your intuition speaking and fully considering what you are feeling. If you are moving about in a frenzy, it will be harder to pick up on the subtle presence of your intuitive mind.


They don't call it a "gut feeling" for nothing. Many people have described intuition as a fluttering in the belly, nausea, goosebumps, shortening of the breath, and many other psychosomatic symptoms. Only you will recognize the feeling and be able to interpret the indications. This may be difficult if you have spent time ignoring the intuition, but give it time; it will come back.

Beware of Negativity

"Anger clouds judgment," in other words, negative mental patterns disconnect you from your intuition. This is why depressing, anxious, angry, or hurting people can make such dumb decisions. If they were to wait for the bad mood to pass, the intuition kicks in with insights and focus.

Choose your Company

Some people will bring clarity and ease your mind, while others will do the opposite. Be careful about the people you choose to hang on to. Even people you no longer see can occupy a dark corner of your mind and suddenly spring back into your awareness. People who do things out of guilt often face this mental block. By the same measure, choosing a company aligned with your vision and process can strengthen the connection to your intuition.

Pay Attention to Your Environment

Your intuitive mind is constantly collecting information on your experiences and your environment. The more you observe, the better your intuitive perspective. This creates greater confidence when interfacing with your intuition.

Intuition is integral to the human psyche and provides tremendous benefits to navigating a confusing world. Taking the time to listen and make sound judgments based on intuition allows you great peace of mind and confidence when making difficult decisions. Remember, over 50 women, following our intuition is an art, and we should practice it regularly for excellent performance!

Colleen's blog is for women over 50 who want to be their best, authentic selves. The blog focuses on MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT topics. For more information about trusting our intuitions, go to Over 50 Empress.

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