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The majority of the information humans process more quickly is visuals. Human brains process pictures up to 60,000 times more quickly than text. That's an enormous thing.

The majority of consumers find visual content to be interesting and engaging in promoting products. Tweets with images, for instance, receive 18 more clicks, and 150 more retweets compared to those without images.

Even the most difficult concepts can be explained with pictures.

Illustrations in web design can be utilized not only to stimulate emotions, but they should also serve a practical purpose. Illustrations are most common when it comes to the creation of user interfaces that are part of today's designs.

This article will discuss the reasons and methods for the use of images on your website.

Table of Contents

• What is an illustration?

• Ten Reasons to Use Illustrations on your Website

o 1. Illustrations can break through a variety of boundaries, the most obvious being the reality

o 2. Users are able to better understand the meaning of an image using illustrations

o 3. Illustrations are the foundation to create originality and harmony artistically.

o 4. Customized illustrations can enhance the overall navigation interface

o 5. Illustrations can add aesthetic value to the design

o 6. Illustrations can have a huge influence on how people feel

o 7. Illustrations can be effective in boosting the visibility of brands and gaining recognition

o 8.Illustrations can be a tried-and-tested method of creative storytelling

o 9. Illustrations can be used to create short animated videos as well as interactive features.

o 10.Copyright issues can be avoided by making use of illustrations instead

• Conclusion

Are Illustrations a thing?

Illustrations are basically any representation of visuals of a particular idea.

They are images that try to clarify, enhance or enhance ideas that are derived via other resources of knowledge they are usually written in the form of text.

Illustrations are used in a range of printed media over time, including posters, books and other educational materials. In the end animations and video production brought new life to the field.

Recently, the latest technology and methods have challenged the limits and brought into a new age of digital illustration.

Due to its beauty and nimbleness Illustration is used in increasing numbers of mobile and web applications. The illustration is used as a method to enhance usability, accessibility and the visual appeal of user interfaces (UI). What are the benefits of using illustrations in UI design?

10 Benefits of Using illustrations on your website

  1. Illustrations can break through a variety of boundaries, the most obvious being real

The primary reason you should use illustrations on your site is to aid in breaking through barriers. One of them is the one of reality. It is possible to alter your perspective or completely remove it.

Through the use of illustrations, you can have the capability of turning the sky a shade of yellow. When you incorporate images and line art the business will be at its own level in the universe, or even reality.

All you need to do is to integrate the illustrations into your logo, style and design. The most important thing is that your content - as well as your business, will be noticed in a way that stock images won't.

For instance, Etsy is an American E-commerce site that is focused on items made by hand or vintage and craft materials, including branding colours throughout its illustrations content, which is integrated with its logo.

Etsy Illustrative Design - Image Source: Etsy

Natural orange hues highlight the handmade style of items made by the creators of content on the site and entrepreneurs.

When you browse the site it is easy to be drawn to the whimsical style of its graphics. It employs a range of shapes, figures and artefacts in order to represent the unique characteristics of products available on the site.

The whole experience is peaceful and warm, demonstrating to visitors the fact that Etsy is a reliable marketplace for designers and artists.

  1. Users are able to better understand the context of images through illustrations

Visuals are more perceptible to users than words do, which is why they are what we've seen earlier. Illustrations are more attractive than other elements of digital interaction. Therefore, if you're trying to communicate an important message, use a visual to support the message.

In this case, it is best to use an illustration to show what words can't. Keep in mind that when a user visits a website it is a matter of scanning the website instead of reading it first.

Users will leave a site which only displays text. Illustrations also work better in long-term memory, which means that your customers will be able to comprehend more about your company's image than needing to read text.

Additionally, it is more advantageous when your site is visited by visitors from different countries. If that is the case, visuals on the user interface will create a global audience for your website. This is the reason to incorporate illustrations on your site to create powerful and fast visual impressions.

Colours, characters, layout and other easily identifiable features can effectively inform users about the content delivered in text format.

Even if you only have a small number of characters to share with your fans, as in the following example from a BioMed Central tweet You can also use images to convey these complex issues without taking up too much space.

  1. Illustrations are the foundation to create originality and harmony artistically.

Illustrations give individuality to user interfaces and can help companies stand out from the rest.

It is crucial to stand from a sea of intense competition. People may not be able to purchase your product when they aren't aware of the benefits.

The developers can fine-tune hero pictures for their articles, posts reviews, customer review websites and testimonials as well as landing pages by focusing on the preferences of prospective customers and aligning their goals with the company's objectives or the concepts that underlie a particular project or idea.

This method allows the creation of distinctive colours, analogies, characters and settings that are able to successfully attract certain groups of viewers or guests.

Slack is one of the American software company's own proprietary commercial communication systems, embraces vibrant colours without limiting them creating illustrative content that is engaging and appealing right from the moment you access its website.

You'll be impressed by the inclusion of characters within a scene and you'll be taking more time to study the characters and their connections to the prose.

The angular shape of Slack's designs can provide some flow to the images. It emphasises the dynamic system in which technology was intended to function.

The social media platforms of Slack are visually distinct from the main style, but their colour schemes and usage of the corporate logo link it to the brand's image and identity.

  1. Customized illustrations can enhance the overall navigation interface

A consistent, clear visual aid is required for a successful and intelligent website layout that allows users to can access quickly and easily while browsing your site.

The arrangement or display of things in a manner can be a sign of importance and alters the way they are displayed. The way that our visual brain processes what it perceives is known as visual hierarchy web design.

Based on this theory that the human brain is equipped with "innate patterns of organization that help to structure particular shapes, elements or shapes into a unified and organized whole."

It is essential to keep in mind that aesthetic hierarchy should work alongside functionality in the design of websites. Therefore, form and function must be in perfect harmony.

If a site is beautiful but does not function visitors will go elsewhere since they are unable to answer the calls to action (CTAs) or make an order. Instead, they'll browse to a competitor's site that meets their requirements.

Therefore the fonts, white space forms, fonts and CTAs are crucial elements that developers should consider.

Custom graphics can assist in designing the overall interface, acting as an aesthetic boundary between different sections, and providing users with an accurate view of what's happening in the area.

Trussle is an online broker of mortgages that is determined to catch the attention of younger home buyers by providing a colourful, user-friendly website as illustrated in the following example.

It's evident that the company has put a high value on the user experience on its website's services page as evidenced by the images that are basic and well-placed.

One thing that is notable is the way the corner illustrations connect with CTA buttons. They can help bring users' attention to the centre of the page, instead of distracting them.

  1. Illustrations enhance the aesthetics of the design

Alongside their incredible capability, the inclusion of images on your site can add an artistic flair to your website's design.

The general look and feel of your eCommerce website shouldn't be neglected when discussing the design. Websites that function properly are efficient however, combining functionality with aesthetics will take your offerings to a greater level.

Utility and accessibility are the mainstays of any system, design or interface. But, attractiveness is an attractive image that draws attention to your products, assists users enjoy using them and encourage them to return to them for more.

Illustrations are an effective method to reach these goals as they provide elegance, style and elegance.

Check out the Dasher and Crank website's hero image, which is the 3D model.

Food items are photographed from above on a variety of food websites, creating an appearance that is flat.

Even the ones shown from the side are not real because they are captured in the surroundings of someone else's hands or in the background of a restaurant.

But, the ice cream sandwiches stand out beautifully in 3D on the backdrop of pink of the image above, making them look tasty enough to have for a bite.

The illustration not only defines the concept but also makes the user interface appealing and appealing visually appealing, which is among the most compelling reasons to employ illustrations.

  1. Illustrations can have a huge effect on emotional attraction

We are all emotionally driven and our emotions affect our decisions. Your online presence represents the products or services that you provide.

Customers will be able to interact in a conversation with you and conduct business with you when you create emotions around your products.

The reason to include illustrations on your site is to convey powerful emotions that are associated with your company.

Whatever you include in them, whether be facial expressions or colours, will have a huge impact in evoking emotions.

Developers can create visuals as an extremely powerful tool that connects the user experience beginning with the first encounters, by studying user activities as well as behaviour and other factors that influence emotional appeal.

Here's an example of Mailchimp's idea of design. Mailchimp is an automation tool for marketing which lets you design track, send, and monitor email campaigns and ads.

Whatever the number of times you've done it, clicking the send button in an email campaign can be a stressful experience. So, what's the response of Mailchimp? The pop-up above.

It's a small thing that is extremely satisfying for the person who is visiting. It gives them confidence and a sense of achievement and will make them feel proud of the decision they made.

  1. Illustrations can help increase brand recognition and awareness

Illustrations on your site will differentiate your company from other businesses on the market while aiding in the development of strong brand recognition.

Illustrations are very popular for backgrounds as well as in the introduction process of online services.

Designers often employ graphic design skills in the creation of brand designs.

Graphics designers can also create branding elements that are additional to the brand, like custom logos, as well as custom open-market operation charts and trends.

Illustrations are helpful in making an interface distinctive, and also supporting the brand identity of the site. They make interaction on your site more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Airbnb is an example of a business that has its brand identity founded on graphics.

Illustrations can be effective in enhancing brand recognition and awareness

Although it doesn't make use of illustrations on its website, however, it does make use of illustrations to show the purpose of establishing trust indicators.

The aim of the website is to communicate that the people who use Airbnb are reliable, and using pictures that convey an inviting feel is a great way to do this.

Airbnb has taken a market which was dominated by massive lodging corporations and dramatically expanded the choices with the help of images.

For example, Airbnb makes sure individuals can lease a room or apartment at any time and it isn't a problem where you're located in the world since the users are so vast and varied.

Illustrations provide a tried and true method for creating creative storytelling

Storytelling is the act of combining various informative elements into a narrative order to ensure they are memorable while showing a strong connection between the various elements.

Utilize your heroes' figures to tell a story or convey a message to make a positive impression or show the benefits in a manner that is consistent to your business's tone and style, while being a good customer.

This approach has proven to be very effective in the realm of advertising and interactive design.

Dropbox for instance started using visualisation from the beginning by using storytelling graphics that made the platform appear easy and user-friendly.

This strategy has now become an integral element of marketing and has proved to be extremely effective.

Intercom A messaging platform for customers is another example of a platform which makes use of graphics throughout the user interface.

This method has been an integral part of its marketing and has proved to be highly effective.

Intercom A messaging platform for customers is another example of a platform that makes use of graphics across the user interface.

The illustrations that are displayed on the platform are extremely simple and entertaining.

In the above examples, the images appear as if they have been manipulated to establish a strong connection between the users and the services they provide. This is far superior to any relationship you might have had with regular stock images. This is among the many reasons why you should use illustrations.

Illustrations can be used to create short animated videos and interactive features.

Animations are utilized in the design of user interfaces on a growing number of websites and apps.

By using this method it is possible to enhance not only the functionality but also the emotional connection and aesthetics of the user interface's design.

This is why we are now seeing animated logos, icons, and even intricate animations regularly. Animations can also put emphasis on the subject matter message, atmosphere, and mood.

In addition, another of the more well-known and effective designs is the use of animations. Graphics have provided a whole increase in expansion and interaction with customers.

My Great Grandmother's Language can be described as an illustration of an interactive storybook that is animated and designed to educate and educate you on the language of your choice.

Animation is more engaging and interesting for viewers.

The white lines that run across the black background make it truly striking and unique.

Squadeasy utilizes an animating 3D puppy image that follows you around while you scroll.

Each time you scroll swiftly the dog's head and eyes turn a little agitated and he gets in a state of euphoria.

The rest of the layout and structure are easy which is why incorporating this hilarious and cute interaction while the user moves around leads them to want to learn more.

Copyright issues can be avoided by making use of illustrations instead

The process of obtaining the best image can be a challenge, however, even in the event that you can end up with images that are copied righted.

The process of obtaining the artist's permission could take a lot of issues between you two. This could result in an expense in the event that the creator is not willing to grant the permission at all.

In the end, many companies rely on stock photos because they are cost-free. It's simple to use and won't result in legal issues.

The issue with using pictures from stock is the fact that they're frequently used and offer a restricted range of images.

It's quite common for multiple websites to use the same images that do not display distinctiveness or allow them to distinguish themselves from other websites.

This is easily avoided using illustrations.

No stock image nor any purchased artwork can ever even come close to capturing exactly the image you've created in your mind when you locate an artist who is able to recreate exactly what you envision.


Illustrations are among the most effective methods to share ideas and also one of the more innovative ways to communicate. The incorporation of illustrations on your website can greatly enhance your website's visibility.

They can be useful to designers and developers due to a myriad of reasons, including the ability to convey messages as people can see visuals more than words, creativity and harmony in art. Illustrations improve overall accessibility, beauty, emotional branding, and are an established method of storytelling that is tried and tested.

In light of the previous reason to include illustrations on your site, it is possible to incorporate illustrations on your site.

Before you start the process of adding images to your website, it is important to know more about your main population since using poorly-designed images could result in an unpleasant customer experience.

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