The Batman: The Greatest CBM Of The Last Ten Years.

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  • Author Daniel Garcia
  • Published October 1, 2022
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The title can be an insanely controversial one, but I watched The Batman back in March, and I was just blown away. I remember being so hyped for this movie back when the first teaser trailer dropped on DC Fandome in 2020. I knew it was in no way not going to be a good movie, the trailer just already looked amazing, Robert Pattinson is a great actor, Matt Reeves is a great writer and director, and best of all... it wasn't part of the DCEU, I don't mean to take any shots but we all know the DCEU has been a mess.

While me and my two brothers were on our way to the Cinema, I remember being really nervous, I kept asking myself "What if I was hyped for nothing and this movie turns out to be a huge flop?" but oh boy, was I totally wrong. The movie was even better then I expected, The acting was top tier, Paul Dano absolutely killed it as The Riddler, Robert Pattinson did great per usual, The Writing is some of the best ever, Zoe Kravitz was an excellent casting choice for Catwoman, pretty much everyone in this film had a great performance. I loved the action sequences, they were so smoothly filmed, the Batmobile chase scene was absolutely phenomenal. The movie was just an all around entertaining and fun ride and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The movie really went deep into Batman's mind and made us understand why Bruce Wayne does what he does, he's Batman because he's afraid he will fail Gotham City, you see the darkness in his mind lurking. I loved the scenes when Bruce is off the suit and talking with Alfred, they were very powerful scenes that really made us see Bruce's mentality. The duo of Batman and Catwoman in the movie was excellent, I loved the chemistry they had, I really hope Catwoman returns for the sequel, it would be a bit of a let down if she doesn't. The Batsuit is probably my favorite Live-Action Batsuit we have ever gotten, maybe even over TDK trilogy suit, I loved the logo on it.

I was really just a big fan of the horror movie feel of the entire movie, it also really showed a lot of Batman's detective side which for some reason previous Live-Action films didn't quite do that, but this one did to an extent. The Riddler in this movie is the second greatest Live-Action movie villain after TDK joker in my honest opinion, he was absolutely terrifying, The Riddler in a lot of adaptions has been kind of made as a joke character with often times just being annoying, but this movie made you take him seriously, he felt like a true serial killer out of a horror movie, his motives were understandable but his actions were obviously wrong, and that to me is what makes a great villain.

The acting, the directing, the writing, everything about this movie was just incredibly done. The way it just got the audiences attention the whole three hours without it ever feeling too long or feeling a bit boring at times is insanely impressive, I usually am not a fan of really long movies but this one got the job done. It was a story of Bruce Wayne battling his inner demons, his fear of failing his city, and him determined to make up for his parents' death. Now I have to admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about Robert Pattinson taking on the role as the caped crusader at first. I wasn't too sure he could pull the role off, but man, did he prove me and a lot of other people wrong. He was brilliant and he was perfect for the role. I hope he plays it for years to come because he clearly proved that's what he deserves.

Overall I firmly believe this is the greatest Live-Action CBM of the last ten years. It wasn't just an action flick, it really made you enjoy it as a film more than anything. The ending when Batman helps rescue all those people from the flood is another great moment in the film, it does make me a little upset how that's everything I've ever wanted in a Superman movie, but instead we got it in a Batman movie, but I loved his whole speech, it was really inspiring. With the sequel being confirmed a little while back, I can't wait to see what they do next with this adaptation of the character.

At the end of the day, I know a lot of people will probably disagree with my opinion, that's totally fine, but I loved it more than any other Superhero film I have seen in the last ten years by far. It's truly a masterpiece and one that I surely will never forget and I'm sure a ton of other people won't. It's a film that will be remembered for decades to come, some people have even said it's better than TDK. While I don't believe this, that just goes to show you how great of a movie it was for some people to be having an opinion like that, we all know TDK was a masterpiece of cinema and in the eyes of some people, this film surpassed it, that means something, don't you think? I believe it is the best adaptation we have gotten of Batman in a pretty long time, we all know how the recent adaptations before this one were.

This film was pretty much my greatest experience at a cinema, I know that may seem crazy, but it's true. I've watched many films at the cinema, but this one just blew my mind away, I personally am not a big fan of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" like everyone else, so that didn't really blow me away like this one did. This one just had something different to it, it's hard to really explain, but it just did.

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