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  • Published October 10, 2022
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If you’re a college student struggling to get your homework done, you’re not alone. It can be hard to manage your homework with everything else you have going on.

According to some estimates, students should be studying 17 hours a week. The general rule of thumb is that for every hour you spend in class, you should be doing homework and studying for two to three hours outside of class. That adds up to a lot of time! Any productive shortcuts you can use to get things done will be a game changer for your state of mind.

In this post we’ll discuss a few surefire ways to learn faster and succeed at homework.

Here are a few tips for how to hack your homework:

  1. Verbalize concepts

  2. Take notes

  3. Review after class

  4. Unplug devices

  5. Keep homework time consistent

Verbalize Your Learning

In a study from the University of Waterloo, scientists found that you are more likely to memorize something if you speak it out loud. Everybody’s brain works differently so your mileage may vary, but in this case there is no arguing with science.

Next time you are wrestling with a tough concept during a homework session or need to memorize an important term, say it aloud to yourself. Even better, put it in your own words, or shorten it so it’s easier to remember. The next day, give yourself a pop quiz and see if you internalized the concept. You may be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Verbalizing what you are learning may not help you complete homework quicker, but it will help you learn faster, which will save you time in the long run.

Take Notes

When you’re writing notes down during your homework session you’re helping your brain retain information. And homework is all about helping you retain information, right?

This works best when you write notes by hand. According to Psychology Today, writing things down by hand activates different centers in the brain from typing. These areas are activated during memory retrieval, leading many people to be able to recall the information more easily.

And while you’re at it, try color coding your notes for added impact. Even something as simple as changing your pen color from black to blue can help. The reason for this is simple. The vast majority of text we read is in black ink, so introducing a new color like blue (or even something wilder like purple) can help homework text stick out in our brains and help us remember more. Just remember to check with your professor before getting really creative with colors, as some readers may find the different ink colors hard to read.

When it comes to taking notes, writing them by hand is a no-brainer. The only problem will be if your handwriting is so messy that you can’t read what you wrote. But if your writing is okay, we highly recommend it!

Do Homework Right After Class

Timing is everything when doing your homework. Try doing homework the same day you have class to make it easier for your memory to recall facts.

Scientific research also shows that it’s best to do homework at specific times of the day to maximize your retention. These times are between 10am and 2pm, or between 4pm and 10pm. That’s because the brain is in retention mode at these times and you’re most likely to internalize what you’re learning.

If your internal clock is a little different and you find yourself more alert at other times, go with what works for you. The important thing to consider is that it’s not only how you do homework, but when you do homework that can be key to your success.

Unplug Your Devices

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re serious about getting results when you do homework. The first step should be silencing your devices and giving the work your undivided attention.

It’s no surprise that smartphones are a distraction. But research also indicates that smart phone use in the classroom might actually lower students’ grades. Nothing is more distracting than constant interruptions from devices like your phone and email. These days it can seem pretty hard to detach ourselves from social media and the internet, but give it a shot when you’re doing homework and you won’t regret it.

This can be hard when you need to use the internet to research something. But try noting what you need to research and coming back to it later when you’ve taken a first pass at your assignment with your undivided attention. This will help boost your memory and give you a better chance of learning the material better.

Keep Homework Consistent

When it comes to homework, consistency is key. You’ll want to keep up with the homework that is required in all your classes. The key to this is to set up a regular time and place where you’ll be doing your work. Whether it is a seat at your favorite coffee shop, a dedicated study space in your dorm, or a spot in the library, find a place to study and make it your own.

Keeping a consistent schedule not only improves your performance when doing homework, it’s an important element to balancing your entire life. Having a scheduling framework in place saves you brain power that you can then devote to your studies. With your schedule, you won’t have to think about what to do next.

As with many other aspects of studying and homework, there are also plenty of apps that can help you to set reminders so you never miss a homework session. Just make sure to turn your phone off once you actually do start your homework!

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