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Sometimes, it is necessary to predict the future when designing a website. Learn more about the challenges web designers face today.

The design decisions that you make while building a website can have a significant impact on how users interact with it later. Your website could be forced to retire early if you make the wrong design decisions.

Elementor is a well-respected WordPress website builder. It recognizes that design trends change constantly. Designers who are able to see the trends of today can better position themselves to profit from tomorrow.

We surveyed thousands of web designers and developers to learn more about the state of the WordPress community. We sent the survey via dedicated mail to all users, published it in our magazine and shared it with the WordPress community.

These answers provide some of the most current insights into WordPress today. These insights are shared with web designers like yourself so that you can build a better business strategy for your brand and grow it.

Let's get started if you are ready.

We first asked about demographics

The survey started with questions about the demographics and interests of WordPress designers.

Between 35-44 years old is the largest age group. Both ends of the spectrum are used by significant numbers, although there is a slight preference for those at the younger end (25-34).

Every year, the WordPress community grows. The trend toward younger creators could indicate that web designers are becoming more popular. To find out, we plan to analyze data for multiple years.

This is a substantial number and higher than the previous survey years ago. This indicates a growing trend in the IT sector where 25% of large enterprises' technical workforce is comprised of women.

Web designers should also consider these top considerations when creating new websites.

There are eleven main concerns that affect web creation in different ways.

Let's take a look at the top three.

  1. Performance

WordPress web designers are acutely aware of the demands that web infrastructure must meet. Google's Core Web Vitals Score is a requirement for SEO success.

Web design is now reliant on website performance. Your website's performance is a key component of web design. It makes your users' experience more enjoyable. In today's market, designers who strive for fast page loads and mobile responsiveness are more successful than ever.

Scott's Fastest Webpage in the World is an example.

• Copy the URL of the Fastest Website on the Internet.

• Copy it to PageSpeed Intelligences, and hit Analyze.

• The results speak for themselves - a perfect 100 on desktop and 90+ on mobile.

This website, which is optimized for WordPress, has more to offer. You can achieve similar success with WordPress. You just need to use a website builder that does not overburden your website with unnecessary code.

  1. Inspiration for the design

It will be difficult to find the right inspiration for your web design project. You also want your designs unique. Websites should reflect the creativity of their creators. It's easy for websites to go beyond their boundaries if they're not clearly communicated at the beginning.

Many designers use easily customizable templates to help them with project discovery. Designers ask clients to provide examples of websites they enjoy and then try to determine what design principles connect these websites. Elementor's Complete Site Kits can be used by some clients to extend the conversation to include backend functionality as well as user experience design.

The following design trends are starting to influence the WordPress industry:

• Scrollytelling. This is a way to transform the web experience into an animated story or comic book. Site visitors can scroll through the content at their own pace and let the website tell its story.

• Nostalgia. Many web designers are looking back to the past as design inspirations and cues. Combining vintage imagery with analog typography can elicit strong emotional responses.

• Delight. This is all about delighting users with unexpected positive feedback. Encourage web animations, gestures and microcopy to add personality to an otherwise boring web experience. This can make it easier to complete complicated tasks online, such as applying for a loan or doing your taxes.

  1. Optimizing communication

It is difficult and challenging to manage remote web design teams. Remote-enabled policies are now in place for agencies. This can lead to problems if clients change their minds or request new implementations at the last-minute.

Web designers today need to invest in project management software that optimizes communication between project stakeholders. This allows clients and partners to have instant access to project updates, and your team can quickly respond to new requests. Tools such as or Clickup are great tools that can help improve the efficiency of client communication.

Check Out The client's perspective

Web design clients were also asked to rate the characteristics and qualities they are looking for in a designer when creating new projects. These are the top things web clients today care about when selecting a designer to work with.

These are some important pieces of information:

  1. Web designers need to be transparent about their pricing.

  2. You should always be displaying your aesthetic principles.

  3. Technology is important, so specialization could be a winning strategy.

  4. Portfolios and recommendations are no longer as important as they once were.

You can ask for higher prices as a web designer in exchange for your narrowly defined design aesthetics and technical expertise. You should bundle any ongoing branding or marketing services into your design services right from the beginning.

Personal service is more effective than looking at customer testimonials and portfolio examples. Clients feel that their projects are unique and want personalized service.

Design with the future in your mind

We hope that you will use this data to grow your web design business, and position your brand for success in the future WordPress market. Although no one can predict the future, it is possible to learn more about the industry and position yourself to adapt to its changes.

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