Cost of Epoxy Floor Coatings in Sydney, Australia


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  • Published September 30, 2022
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If you're thinking of redoing your garage floor, you might be wondering about the cost of epoxy floor coating. The cost depends on how many clear coats, top coats and color flake you need, and the square footage of your garage. Generally, the average two-car garage is about 400 square feet. The process usually takes two or three days, and once it's complete, your garage floor can be used right away.

Self-leveling epoxy flooring

Self-leveling epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for homes and commercial buildings that require a smooth, seamless surface. It is easy to install, low maintenance, and long-lasting. To learn more about self-leveling epoxy flooring, contact Pro Coating LLC for a free consultation. The application process takes just a few hours, and the result is a smooth, level floor that is perfect for any space.

Self-leveling epoxy flooring can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including concrete. The self-leveling epoxy will evenly spread across the flooring surface, ensuring an even, seamless finish. When applied to concrete, self-leveling epoxy has the added benefit of avoiding the need for rollers, which can cause unevennesses. A self-leveling floor is also easier to clean due to its smooth, coated surface.

Graveled epoxy flooring

Graveled epoxy flooring can be a good choice for floors in your home or business. These types of floors are resistant to wear and tear, acid damage, environmental degradation, and moisture. Although epoxy by itself is not UV resistant, adding a protective coating can help it last longer. It can also resist scratching and abrasion, and it bonds well with concrete.

The quality of the material also matters when it comes to durability. Make sure to choose an epoxy material rated for heavy traffic. Resin quality varies a great deal, and if you purchase a cheap epoxy material, you're compromising the long-term performance of the floor.

Metallic epoxy flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring is a distinctive type of floor covering. It can be easily spotted in photographs and on the floors of corporate offices and residences. However, a metallic epoxy floor is not for everyone. In fact, if you want to install this type of floor covering, you must have a knowledgeable professional to install it.

When installing metallic epoxy flooring, there are three steps involved: preparation of the surface, mixing of metallic pigments, and the clear protective top coat. Additional top coats can be applied if necessary to increase scuff and motion resistance. After these steps, the metallic epoxy floor will be applied. It has a three-dimensional look, making it an excellent choice for showrooms, lobbies, and retail spaces. It is also popular among interior designers.

Urethane epoxy flooring

Urethane and epoxy flooring are both highly resistant to oil and abrasion and are popular for industrial applications. Urethane is a popular choice for carparks and food processing facilities, while epoxy is a better choice for warehouses and other facilities that handle sulfuric and caustic spills.

Both have benefits and drawbacks. Urethanes are more durable than epoxies and have higher cross-link density, which increases their durability. Plus, some urethane products include antimicrobial additives to help prevent bacterial growth.

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