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  • Published November 21, 2022
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The quest for an authentic travel experience has shaped the international Travel & Tourism industry. For most holidaymakers, some of the things culture-wise we take for granted are held in high esteem in other destinations across the world. While your home country does not take dress codes seriously, other cultures have strict laws against dressing inappropriately. In many cases, you may be denied access into sacred and religious places when you dress improperly. And what if your primary reasons for choosing such a destination is to explore this sacred site, then you have to plan your trip for another day. For those with limited travel time, your efforts and resources are all in vain.

Nonetheless, there’s much to love and experience when vacationing in a foreign destination. You have a lot of new things to learn when you travel to places with a different culture than yours. If you are planning on visiting a culture very different from your own, it is best to equip yourself with the local etiquettes to keep away from trouble while exploring the finest attractions and spots in the place.

To get the most from your trip it is always best to try to live like a local. This way, you can be able to develop a better appreciation of the local culture. In addition, it helps you avoid doing things that could be perceived as offensive to locals in your new surroundings. Gesture, expression, words, countenance, and customs can have a significant impact on your travel experience. To avoid becoming the laughing stock or even worse, ending up in jail, try to connect deeply with the local culture before hitting the road.

No doubt, there are countless resources from where you can get useful information about your travel destination, but none can compare to what Dondoo brings to the table. This is a website with a difference.

Want to learn more about the appropriate customs and traditions about the locals in a particular destination? Perhaps, you want to know more about their eating habit? Are there specific codes of behavior in public spaces? What gestures and actions are taboos? What are the best ways to show appreciation? Dondoo has done the homework for you. The site offers an extensive list of cultural etiquettes for countries across the world, including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America. By taking an effort to learn more about the cultures and traditions of your preferred destination, it guarantees a more authentic travel experience.

In addition to giving you insights about the local etiquettes and sharing local taboos from different parts of the world, Dondoo also provides interesting facts about your chosen destination. It is your one-stop website for anything travel. Enjoy amazing cultures and traditions to the fullest without holding yourself back. The website makes it easier to find interesting travel information from a local’s perspective that can help make your trip a remarkable one.

Mark Flynn - culture and local traditions enthusiast, equipping all the travellers out there to continue interacting with other people without fear of unintentionally performing faux-pas. Feel free to reach me out at

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