Solid State Batteries have Arrived!


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  • Published November 5, 2022
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Solid State Batteries have Arrived!

Alpine4 Holdings, a Nasdac listed company (ALPP), has accomplished what has been sought after by many companies and billions of dollars in research.

Alpine4 is a fast growing holding company with over 10 subsidiaries. Using vertical integration between multiple subsidiaries of Alpine4, Vayu Aerospace (Vayu) a drone designer, manufacturer, and subsidiary of Alpine4 successfully incorporated a Solid State Battery Pack (Vayu A4M1 Power System) into its G1 long flight drone on Feb 10, 2022.

Vayu A4M1 specs.

• 1.55kw of power

• 2.5 times the power of its previous Lithium Ion pack

• Fire resistant

• Can be punctured and still operate

• The battery is also capable of fast charging at a rate of 4C

• 15-minute charge time.

• 13 Elecjet AX 31Ah batteries

Here is a link to the press release.

Here is a link with a video descibing the drone.

Here is a link showing a picture of the Vayu A4M1 being installed into a G1 drone.

Here is a link to a press release of a Sales Contract for $100 million dollars worth of G1 solid state battery equipped drones.

Where did they get the Solid State Batteries from? Elecjet, another subsidiary of Alpine4, provided the AX battery cells used in the Vayu A4M1 pack. On Feb 16, 2022, Elecjet formally revealed its Graphene Enhanced Ceramic Oxide AX and G AX Solid State Battery Cells.

Here is a link to the press release.

All the specs and details on the batteries as well as independent BICindiana test results can be found at

On July 08, 2022, Elecjet announced it was building a prototype production line in San Jose CA.

Elecjet plans to market its SSB's through another subsidiary of Alpine4, RCA Commercial under the Powerable name.

A fourth subsidiary Quality Circuit Assembly is responsible for manufacturing and assembling circuit control boards and products related to Elecjets batteries.

On Nov 2, 2022, RCA Commercial announced that 2 Solid State batteries designed for RV's were now available.

Here is a link to that release.

Here also is a link to information on those same batteries.

Plans to build a battery factory in the USA should be coming some time in 2023.

All in all surprising since so many other companies get so much press and hype yet solid state batteries seem to be eluding them for some time to come.

My name is Michael Mueller. I live in Illinois with my wife and 2 dogs.

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Hedgehog Catcher
Hedgehog Catcher · 3 weeks ago
They seem to get completely ignored when it comes to SSBs which really is a shame