Top 9 Laravel Development Tools Developers Must Use in 2022

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  • Published December 14, 2022
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Laravel is now the most popular and a powerful PHP-based framework for building top-notch web applications. This framework comes with some amazing features like a blade template engine, offers easy authorisation and authentication, supports artisan CLI, has eloquent ORM, allows unit testing, and supports a wide range of tools that make the development process more efficient and hassle-free for the developers, enabling them to swiftly complete the project. These tools also save a significant amount of time making most of the development tasks more efficient and faster. 


So now, let's take a look at the top 9 Laravel development tools in 2022. 



PHPStorm is a smart Integrated Development Environment or IDE that makes Laravel development a seamless process. This tool smoothly runs, offers smart code navigation, and allows faster and safer code refactoring, unit testing, and quick and easy debugging. In addition to these, PHPStorm also helps with PHP code formatting. 


 An integrated development environment is a significant part of web app development as it enhances the productivity of the programmer while saving a lot of time and effort in debugging the codes. PHPStorm is used by many developers for its smooth and seamless performance. 


Laravel Ecosystem:

Among all server-side or back-end web development tools and technologies, the Laravel ecosystem is the most popular and useful option. It offers a myriad of opportunities and comes with some amazing and powerful features like BCrypt, encryption, and more. 


Laravel Documentation:

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Laravel framework is the documentation through which the developers can get to acquire more knowledge about the framework. In other words, the Laravel documentation can assist developers to learn varieties of concepts in detail that you may not get to learn from the other resources. 


So, even if you are a newbie in Laravel web app development, you can improve your skills and expertise in Laravel development with the help of this documentation. Invest some time in going through this documentation to widen your perception and increase your knowledge. 


Laravel Debugbar:

Laravel is the best framework when it comes to website or application debugging. And the credit goes to the Laravel Debugbar tool. Usually displayed right at the browser's bottom, it gives the debugging information that tells about what needs to be debugged. The queries tab of this Laravel Debugbar displays the total number of queries which are fired. 


The Debugbar also displays the templates that are rendered with the passed parameters, and the route that is being called. In this tool, developers also get the option to add messages using Facade that will get displayed under the Message tab. 


Laravel Forge:

Laravel Forge is the tool that is used to configure the web applications to automate the project deployment using the PHP server. A few compelling and interesting features of Laravel Forge database backups by installing the SSL certificates in just seconds, default security, easy and quick setting up of the essential DSH keys, free SSL certificates, provides an automatic set-up, allows restarting of each service, and more. 


Laravel Vapor:

Laravel Vapor is an auto-scaling and serverless web app deployment tool that is used for the Laravel framework as the name itself says. Right from auto-scaling the web or queue infrastructure to database management, zero downtime rollbacks and deployments, automatic uploading of the assets, Redis cache management, environment variable or secret management, DNS management, custom web application domains, and more are all supported by Laravel Vapor. 


Laravel Entrust:

Whenever you get to hear the term 'entrust' in the PHP development environment, it means the method of adding role-based permissions. With this particular Laravel tool, developers can easily create four tables such as the -

Role tables to store role records

Role _user Table to store one-to-many relationships between the users and roles

Permission Table to store all permission records

Permission _Role Table to store many-to-many relationships between permissions and roles


Under these four tables, you can set up the roles at different levels. Also, there are other models such as short syntax router filter, soft deleting, etc., in Laravel entrust. 


Laravel Tinker:

The Tinker console enables developers to interact with the web apps from the command line within an interactive shell. Usually what happens is that developers select a command line for interacting with the application but with Tinker, developers can access all the objects and events easily. The Laravel Tinker needs to be installed manually and supports all the Laravel versions after version 5.4. 


Laravel Backup:

This Laravel tool helps to create the backup of all the project files. And the backup is created in the form of a zip file which contains all the project files in folders and directories as developed. The zip file will also contain the dumps of the project database in the directory. And one of the best features of this that you can store the backup on any file system. 

So, that was the checklist of the top 9 Laravel development tools for developers to use in 2022. However, developers need to choose the tools as per the project requirements.

Jonathan Paul is a dedicated and expert Laravel developer associated with an award-winning Laravel development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has shared this article to outline the top 9 Laravel web app development tools that must be used for enhanced and efficient development in 2022.

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