Make Outdoor Lighting Safer and More Efficient with Motion Sensing Technology


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  • Published December 31, 2022
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Motion sensors may not be a typical concern when you are thinking about your outdoor lighting. But surely you are like most people and are concerned with day-to-day safety.

Safety comes up in conversation every day. The new safety features on that SUV or exactly how much safer is flying anyway. Safety is a very important issue and securing your home should be no different.

Getting motion sensors for your outdoor lighting is a great investment if you’re looking for that one thing, safety. They really only do one thing. They turn the light on when something moves within its range. The lights stay on for a predetermined time, usually about 30 seconds, and then turn off again.

The most ideal place for motion sensors is above the garage door. With that placement, it provides security to the centermost part of your home. If you pull into the drive after dark, the lights will turn on and allow you to see your way to your home.

No one likes to walk to the door in the dark; your imagination will start imagining some criminal in the bushes or a cougar ready to strike. This probably isn’t the case, but you’ll feel safer if you have light.

They also have an economical benefit that a lot of people overlook. Since the light is only designed to stay on for a certain amount of time, there’s no worry about someone forgetting to turn it off. Or perhaps you want to turn off the exterior lights when you go to bed, you can be assured that the front of your home is still covered.

Another benefit is the built in sensitivity dial. Not only can you control the length of time the light stays on, you can set it to light up when something is 15 feet away or 3 feet away.

Most home improvement stores have a wide selection of motion sensor, so your options are vast. Check the packaging to find the light that will suit your needs best.

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