5 Of The Best Modern Christmas Songs For Christmas 2022

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  • Published December 18, 2022
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Many of us love the traditional Christmas songs, and there is a special place in our hearts for carols. But every now and then, we all need a shake-up. And there's nothing quite like the release of a new Christmas classic to put you in the festive spirit!

There have been so many Christmas songs released over the years that there’s something for everyone. From old classics like Frank Sinatra’s White Christmas and The Pogues’ Fairytale Of New York, to new releases from hit artists like Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Michael Buble, and Alicia Keys.

In 2020, Shaggy even released a reggae-inspired album, Christmas In The Islands, bringing a Caribbean twist to the festive season. And who could forget Mariah Carey’s ever-present radio hit All I Want For Christmas (Is You)?

Here are some of our favourite modern Christmas songs to get you into the holiday spirit and spice up your Christmas party playlist!

  1. I’ll Be Home For Christmas - Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello brings a dreamy Cuban flair to this cover of the old classic by Bing Crosby. Cabello reimagines the timeless Christmas song using upbeat Latin brass and melodic acoustic guitar to complement her vocals, which glow with a romantic haze.

The tenor backing vocals are warm and smooth like hot chocolate on a winter’s day, and add a sense of deep grounding which plays beautifully with the festive whimsy of the track.

Cabello’s tender vocals add a softness to the longing track, which was originally written for the soldiers of World War II, many of whom never made it home. Cabello’s reinvention of the track brings a dreamlike air, and turns mournfulness into comfort, with the skilful hand of an alchemist.

Cabello has flourished since her success with the girl group Fifth Harmony, and her solo career kicked off with the sensual chart-topping dance-floor filler Havana ft. Young Thug in 2018. Her success looks set to continue into 2023 as this imaginative twist on a Christmas classic floods radios across the US and UK.

We can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

  1. Christmas Tree Farm - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift adds a personal touch to this catchy Christmas track, using her childhood memories of growing up on a Christmas tree farm as inspiration. The opening of the song uses strings and piano for an old Hollywood feel, visualised in the music video by a black and white shot of Swift travelling through the snow in a taxi, like a scene from old-school cinema.

This Classic Hollywood glamour is juxtaposed against home videos from Swift’s childhood - snow laying over the grounds of the farm like a blanket, while Swift and her family run and play with their pet dog, and sledge through the yard.

The song uses typical Christmas instruments to welcome in the holiday, with bells and tambourines punctuating the catchy beats and capturing the warm, joyful, and unmistakably festive spirit of the season.

  1. Santa Baby - Alicia Keys

Eartha Kitt’s sensual Christmas song gets a lease of new life in this revamp by R&B and Soul artist Alicia Keys.

Keys stays true to the heart of this cheeky Christmas song by keeping the melody and backing music simple, using a glamorous but minimal style that would be in keeping with an old jazz bar.

Keys’ crooning voice adds a touch of slickness to the playful nature of the song, making it sexy but laid-back in true R&B style. While many covers are often criticised for being unoriginal or lacking in creativity, this subtle reimagining of a classic song is simply unique and brings a brand-new flavour to the Christmas playlist.

  1. Merry Christmas - Elton John and Ed Sheeran

If you’ve got the winter blues this year, we challenge you to listen to this song without feeling the love! Elton John is no stranger to a corny hit, and this Christmas song delivers all the cliches of the Christmas season in one tongue-in-cheek cheese-fest.

Frosty the Snowman, reindeer, and snow angels are just some of the festive favourites that feature in the video, spreading the Christmas cheer and celebrating the joy and magic of the season. Look closely enough and you might even spot Ed Sheeran dancing against the wall in a sexy Santa costume!

  1. Christmas In The Islands - Shaggy

If you’re bored of the rain and sleet, why not jet over to the sunny Caribbean with Shaggy’s reggae-inspired Christmas song? The Boombastic singer’s Christmas tune is fun, laid back, and a definite earworm, featuring a light, but catchy rhythm captured by the ringing of sleigh bells.

This rare ray of winter sunshine is guaranteed to light up your heart with its warm atmosphere and cheerful beats! Christmas In The Islands captures the essence of spending Christmas on the beach, with a cocktail in hand and toes in the sand.

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