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  • Published February 1, 2023
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Do you know the use of solar panels in buildings? In today's bustling world, due to the increase in population, fossil energy resources are decreasing drastically. Therefore, mankind is looking for ways to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.

With the expansion of science and technology, solar panels entered the arena and were used as a technology in energy production for buildings.

The solar panels that are on most buildings today are made of solar cells placed together.

A solar cell is a device for converting solar energy into electrical energy, which is produced from semiconductor sheets.

The use of solar panels is one of the latest innovations to optimize energy consumption in green buildings and is a suitable method for maintaining and using renewable solar energy.

Solar systems are a very reasonable way to invest and reduce building costs and provide human health and lead to the preservation of natural resources for future generations.

With this introduction, stay with us in the continuation of this article from the builder to learn about the use of solar panels in the building.

What is solar energy and what is its application?

Solar energy is one of the free sources of clean energy without any environmental damage. This energy is used today due to the energy crisis and to minimize pollution.

Today, due to the lack of use of quality materials and proper insulation in building construction, the amount of energy consumption and its waste in the building is very high.

The cost of fossil fuels and other energy is very high and the residents of the building have to pay exorbitant fees to pay the bills. But solar energy is an available and free resource that can be used for various purposes in the building.

For example, this type of energy is used to heat the water needed by heaters to provide heating in the building or to produce electricity.

Cooling and heating systems and solar water heaters significantly reduce the amount of energy consumption in the building and play an effective role in the life of the building.

Basically, solar systems are also equipped with an auxiliary system so that they can be used when the amount of solar energy is not enough to supply the required energy of the building.

How solar cells work

Using solar panels using the thermal absorption method and photovoltaic method, the required energy of the building can be provided. In the thermal absorption method, it is used to provide heating and hot water consumption of the building through receiving, storing, distributing and converting energy into heat.

In this method, the maximum amount of solar energy is received by light reflection from the surfaces of solar cells. But in the photovoltaic method, solar energy is converted into electrical energy and the electricity required for heating, cooling systems and electrical devices is provided.

final word

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and got to know the uses of solar panels in buildings. If you want, share your thoughts about this review with us.

I'm ali nazeri an electric engineer working in pas-solar company.

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