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  • Author Andrew Mackenzie
  • Published February 2, 2023
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It's difficult for even the best economists to predict the value of your home in the next 5 to 10 years. However, we do know that some home improvements will increase their value more than others. Here are the top 10 improvements to consider:

  1. LOFT CONVERSION: Adding another bedroom, bathroom, or both by converting your loft is a great way to increase living space. However, you'll need to reinforce the floor joists and factor in the raised floor level.

  2. CONSERVATORY: A modern conservatory can add valuable, usable square footage to your home. A basement conversion is another option, but it's expensive and requires careful planning.

  3. GARAGE CONVERSION: Many garages in Britain don't even house a car. Consider converting it into a living space.

  4. NEW KITCHEN: If you can only afford one home improvement, a new kitchen is the best bet. Keep it neutral and practical in design and make sure the cost is proportional to your property value.

  5. NEW WINDOWS: New windows can make your home smarter, warmer, and quieter, but they should match the age and style of your property. Check if you need planning permission before making changes.

  6. UPDATED BATHROOM: After the kitchen, focus on updating your bathroom. Small updates, such as new taps, shower screens, cupboards, and towel rails, can make a big difference.

  7. GARDEN IMPROVEMENTS: Installing bi-folding doors can bring the garden into your home and make it brighter. Make sure to keep improvements within the parameters of property values in your street.

  8. DRIVEWAY: If parking is at a premium in your location, consider replacing your front lawn with a driveway.

  9. GARDEN SPRUCING: This can include painting the house, replacing the front door, cleaning windows, and more. It can greatly improve the appearance of your home.

  10. MIRRORS: Hanging mirrors in your entrance hall can give the illusion of more space and light. Just make sure it's clear of clutter.

  11. CLEAN AND DECLUTTER: A clean and uncluttered home can create a more positive and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers.

  12. Neutral paint coloUrs: Repainting the interior of your home with neutral coloUrs can help potential buyers see the home as a blank canvas and imagine themselves living there.

  13. KERB APPEAL: Improving the appearance of your home's exterior, including the landscaping, can help make a great first impression on potential buyers.

  14. REPAIR AND UPDATE: Fixing any obvious damages or outdated elements in your home can make it more appealing to potential buyers and increase its value.

  15. HIGHLIGHT the home's unique features: Showcase the special features of your home that make it stand out, such as built-in storage, fireplaces, or natural light.

  16. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: High-quality photos can help your home stand out online and attract more potential buyers.

  17. PRICE IT RIGHT: Pricing your home correctly from the start is crucial to attracting potential buyers and getting the best possible price.

  18. OFFER INCENTIVES: Offering incentives, such as covering closing costs or including appliances, can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

If you're selling your home, these improvements can help improve your energy performance report (EPC).

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