Why should you drain clean regularly?

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  • Published March 11, 2023
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If your drain is clogged, there's a good chance that you're about to experience a real mess and end up in a long list of casualties. Drains are great for rinsing off the dishes, draining a tub or shower, or keeping hairy legs from getting tangled in long hair in the bathtub. If you’re searching for drain cleaning near me, you’re probably having trouble with your drains.

5 Tips for determining if it's time to call a drain cleaner

Your first instinct might be to call a plumber when you have a plumbing problem. However, there are some problems that you can fix yourself without resorting to calling in the experts. Here are five tips for determining if it's time to call a drain cleaner:

You've tried plunging or using a snake and nothing worked. Plunging is one of the most common ways homeowners try to unclog their drains. Using a plunger is simple enough and can often clear away clogs with just a few pumps, but this method doesn't always work well on its own.

Your drain is backing up into your sink or tub. If your sink is backing up into your sink or tub, then this could mean that there's a larger issue going on behind the walls in your home's plumbing system or that something is blocking the path of water through your pipes altogether.

The sink isn't draining properly. Sinks can become blocked for many different reasons, including hair and soap residue buildup. If you notice that the sink is taking longer than normal to drain or if there's standing water after flushing, then there's a good chance that your pipe is blocked with debris from inside the drains.

If you flush the toilet and the water doesn't go down, it may be because your toilet has been clogged. The easiest way to tell if your toilet is blocked is by flushing it and seeing if the water drains out within one minute. If it takes longer than a minute, then there's a good chance your toilet has been clogged and needs to be unblocked by a professional plumber.

You've got a lot of hair in your drains. Hair is one of those things that doesn't break down easily, so it tends to build up in drains over time. This can lead to some serious blockages, which is why it's important to get rid of as much hair as possible before it has a chance to build up too much lint and gunk in your drains.

Little-known tricks for taking care of your drain

Taking care of your drain is something many people don't do. This can lead to a lot of problems, including clogs and backups in your sink and bathtub. Here are some little-known tricks for taking care of your drain:

Use a plunger on the kitchen sink

Don't flush tissues

Don't pour food into the toilet bowl

Don't flush things down the toilet that shouldn't go there

Take out the garbage daily

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