Why relaxation is the missing link to your optimal productivity


  • Author Neemah Bint Aishah
  • Published March 12, 2023
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I used to dread the word "productivity"and that's because anytime it's been used whether in speech or writing,I always feel unworthy. I always feel stuck and not doing enough. I always feel the whole world is moving ahead while I am lagging behind. This feeling stayed with me for years and almost became part of me. Until recently I discovered the missing link to having not just productivity but optimal productivity and have become a better version of myself since then.

In reality, the concept of productivity has been widely misunderstood. What requires being efficient with little time and energy has now been replaced as staying busy all the time and multitasking all day. The misunderstood view of being productive has caused more harm than good to us and yet we feel not satisfied with all our efforts.

I remembered two years back,while working in a multispeciality hospital. I worked as a Dental hygienist,Patient-care assistant,covid-19 sample collector and Administrative assistant. It was totally insane. At the end of my day ,I was always stressed out ,with low moods and anxiety to wake up the next day and dress for work. Yet,I continued in this pattern with few or no breaks so I could impress my line manager and fulfill the clinic's expectations of me.With that,I also have to keep up with continuing education and courses for professional development. Thanks to my singlehood,I would have also had a family to cater and care for. I'm always off duty for two days but those days too I subjected them to my side business. I experienced chronic stress ,massive burnouts and consistent low moods.I had little to no time to rest or sleep, that I fell ill and was admitted to the hospital for days.Some days I would have panic attacks, and get body pains often. After getting well, I would end up returning to my routine inviting more burnouts and stress as well as low brain performance. I noticed at this period of my life,I wasn't able to think well, and even at my various job roles, my concentration and efficiency started decreasing rapidly. I detest patients coming for treatments or tests,I just want to be alone sitting for hours or scrolling through my phone, but that's impossible.

Quitting the job was a relief for me and an eye opener.I noticed for the few periods I spent at home after quitting, I had more time to relax and catch up with old friends, sometimes go for a long walk and appreciate my surroundings. All these little activities which I termed "healing from toxicity" made me realize how much time and energy I've dedicated to my previous work,having little or no time for myself and family . It's all about work which yet ,I feel I'm not doing enough. Also,my "healing from toxicity" activities made me develop a new and great plan. I made sure I got a job in a Dental clinic where my only role will be a Dental Hygienist as opposed to the various job roles at my previous work place. Since my new job, I've learnt to focus on a particular task at a time and take breaks in between my working hours,sometimes to chat with a colleague,or move out for some fresh air,or stretch my body or scroll through my phone for a few minutes distraction. In return,I got less stressed,no burnouts and high brain performance. I now look forward to welcoming my patients and providing them with the best services they deserve.

Thanks to those few breaks to relax and unwind. My not doing enough feeling has vanished and I feel great after every accomplished task.

In conclusion ;

.Being busy all the time isn't the same as being productive.

.Always look out for signs of chronic stress,burnouts,low moods and any forms of toxicity while working.

.Focusing on a particular task at a time will make you more productive than multitasking.

.Take a few breaks between work to relax and unwind ,it will really boost your performance and enhance your productivity.

My name is Neemah Bint Aishah,a freelance writer,a registered Dental Hygienist. I writes on lifestyle,health,relationships and everything healing. You can reach me at neemahwrites2@gmail.com Thanks.

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