What is the best unit testing framework for Python?

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  • Published March 22, 2023
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Python unit testing has a strategic role to play in the application development process. Python is one of the most competent and popular programming languages. It is comparatively easy to write python test cases. More validity is provided to the code and the code is checked to know whether it is performing as expected using the unit test method, where small pieces of code, known as “units” are individually tested. Python unit testing frameworks provide a tactical structure to streamline and make the testing process even more efficient. In this article, you will get to know some of the best unit testing frameworks for python.

What is python unit testing?

A unit test is a scripted code-level test that is written in python so that individual modules of functionality known as “units” are modified. The objective of python unit testing is to detect as many inconsistencies and bugs as possible in the earlier stages of application development. High-quality and accurate unit tests can be designed and scripted to achieve this objective. This in turn can provide detailed documentation for carrying out the development process effectively.

Following are some of the best unit testing frameworks for python:

  1. Unittest: It does not require any installation and hence it is a part of the standard library. It has a rich set of features, which includes a wide range of assert methods, test discovery and support for fixtures. A known state is provided by fixtures for tests to run in. This can be helpful in scenarios where testing code relies on external resources, such as files or databases.

Test discovery is a specific feature wherein tests are automatically discovered by the testing framework. When large products are being worked out, then this can prove to be useful. A lot of effort and time is saved that would otherwise be spent on the manual configuration of a testing network.

  1. Doctest: This python unit testing framework is a part of the python standard library. Code snippets that are embedded in documentation strings are also tested. A command-line interface is also provided that can be used to test source files, classes or test modules. It is a bit similar to unittest when it comes to defining and running test cases, but when it comes to syntax then Doctest has a much simpler syntax.

  2. Robot framework: It is an open-source testing framework used for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) and acceptance testing. It provides an easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and is a great tool for automating repetitive tasks. It can also be tactically used for web application testing. The project involving Robot Framework is hosted on GitHub where you can find the issue tracker, source code and extensive documentation. It is an application and operating system independent.

  3. Pytest: It is one of the most popular python unit testing frameworks. It provides a more concise syntax and provides support for monkey patching. Monkey patching is a process where changes are made to the class or module while the program is still running. It has many plugins and a rich ecosystem. It has a flexible syntax through which tests can be written in a variety of ways.

  4. Nose2: It is a plugin-based framework that comes with new test discovery and output mechanisms. It is easily adaptable to different project needs and is highly configurable.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing python unit testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a premium software testing services company that will provide you with in-depth testing solutions that is in line with your project specific requirements.

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