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  • Author Mark Smith
  • Published April 18, 2023
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World travel opens our minds and broadens our worldviews. It is quite natural to want to travel as an individual to broaden one's horizons. To travel as an individual to learn and explore different cultures. To travel as an individual to learn about different people and their way of living.

The world has been enriched by diverse people, cultures and ideas. The idea of separate races, cultures and religions is a recent development, if we go back in time we can see that idea. Ancient Greece had their own culture with their own religions, various cultures and people. In ancient Egypt, Persia and Rome, the same stories and philosophies were preached and believed by the people.

Today, one can travel to China and hear and see their distinct culture, the same goes for Africa and Europe. This broadens one's horizon and knowledge and in return one gains a different perspective and a new frame of reference.

The diversity of cultures and people that exists all over the planet is what draws most people to travel, to explore and to live. What we learn in these other parts of the world strengthens us.

To explore other ways of living is what travel is all about. It allows one to travel in a different way, to travel to a different country.

Travel opens our minds and broadens our horizons. It opens us up to the different aspects of life and lets us grow as a human beings. It is no longer about doing something in the old way, but letting go, learning and growing.

So is it just a sport or is it also a part of our heritage and history? To answer this question we need to go back in time, back to ancient Greece, back to ancient Egypt, back to ancient Persia, and back to ancient Rome.

If we go back in time we can see that these different ways of living were different at a fundamental level, one was based on hierarchy and the other on equality. Ancient Egypt used a very hierarchical system, it was a family based society where the men ruled, where women were meant to do housework and the role of the men was to protect the family. Ancient Rome was a family based society where the men ruled and where women were just meant to serve the needs of the men. Ancient Persia was also a family based society where the women were servants of the men, and in ancient Rome the roles and responsibilities of the two groups were very different.

I hope you now understand that travel is a part of our heritage, that travel is a different way of life, a different way of thinking. It is part of our heritage and history.

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