The Benefits of Being a Self Employed Cleaner

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  • Author Andrew Watton
  • Published March 24, 2023
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If you are looking for a flexible and rewarding job, why not become a self-employed cleaner? The are many advantages to becoming a self-employed cleaner, some of which we will discuss in this article.


One of the biggest advantages of being a self employed cleaner is the flexibility that it offers. You can choose your own working hours and schedule appointments at a time that suits you. This means that you can work around other commitments, such as childcare or another job.


You get to choose what cleaning jobs to take and where they are. If you only want to travel a short distance for your cleaning jobs thats fine. There are always people looking for a good quality, reliabel cleaner.

Higher Earnings

As a self employed cleaner you have the potential to earn more money than you would as an employee. You can also choose how many cleaning jobs you wish to take on. You're not restricted by whatever work an employer gives you.

Personal Satisfaction

Many people find that working as a cleaner can be very satisfying. You get to see the results of your hard work immediately, and you can take pride in a job well done. Additionally, you get to build great relationships with your clients, which can be very rewarding.

How do you get the cleaning jobs?

So flexibility, control, higher earnings and personal satisfaction are all great reasons to become a self employed cleaner. But how do you go about getting the jobs?

It's not easy or cheap to market your business. You are competing against others trying to get the same cleaning jobs. One alternative is to join another business who can do all of the marketing for you and offer you as many jobs as you wish. For example, a business like Diamond Home Support.

Partnering with another business like Diamond Home Support can really help you grow your business and start realising the real benefits of being a self employed cleaner.

If you think being a self employed cleaner is for you, why not talk to Diamond Home Support and start getting cleaning jobs today.

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