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Introduction To U-Farm

U-FARM was established on September 29, 2020. GameFi technology is used to create the project.

Relying on GameFi technology, the project creatively transforms the operation mode of offline farms into online operations, creates unique coordinates in the Internet world to realize the privatization of Internet assets and the integration of Internet and farm operation.

The vision is to create a meta-ecosystem of farms, ranches and processing plants for agricultural and livestock products, with more integrated projects such as urban construction and financial centers to follow.

U-FARM is currently the largest Metaverse platform in Africa and was primarily funded by Hyperchain capital, with Binance, Roblox, Unity Software, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia and Alphabet also participating in the project.

How To Make Money On U-Farm...

Users can rent the land on the farm for one year.

When you rent the land, you get a certain number of seeds and UFC coins.

Each plot can be planted and harvested once a day, and the fruit will be automatically sold for USDT.

The USDT will be recovered by U-FARM, recorded and stored in the mine pool at U-FARM.

The tokens will circulate freely around the world via cryptocurrency exchanges.

After deducting transaction costs and commissions, U-FARM will deposit the remaining tokens into your account for your planting income.

Different grades of crops incur different trading costs and commissions, as well as different handling fees.

This is thanks to U-FARM's unique GameFi technology and innovative encryption algorithms. This ensures that each user's data is unique.

UFC Coin runs as the base token for U-FARM. Responsible for communication and circulation in the field network. UFC Coin is the basic unit of accounts on the U-FARM blockchain, and UFC Coin is also a natural bridge token based on the TRC standard token. When UFC Coin is successfully listed on the exchange, anyone can convert it to another cryptocurrency currency on the blockchain via a smart contract, or purchase UFC coins using legal coins in your country.

About the income sources of U-FARM Project

  1. Cryptocurrency trading commission:

Tokens produced by the user through the project (USDT) will be kept in the U-FARM mine pool. These cryptocurrencies will circulate and trade freely in the market through cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Each transaction U-FARM will receive a corresponding transaction commission.

  1. Advertising traffic:

The tokens produced in the process of growing crops will generate large amounts of data traffic, while the large user base will also increase the amount of advertising exposure, which will be generated by charging advertisers traffic fees.

  1. Investment In Real Economy

With a professional investment team,

U-FARM has achieved rich returns by investing in world-renowned blockchain projects, agriculture, animal husbandry, mining, banking, engineering construction and other projects. More diversified portfolio of investment products to hedge investment risks.

  1. Cryptocurrency Investments:

For investment and donations from blockchain enthusiasts, 50% of the funds will be used for the construction of U-FARM, and the other 50% will be donated to local charities.

Regarding the land use rules in U-FARM..

  1. Potatoe Farm

Rent 30USDT, get 365 potatoe seeds, plant once a day, harvest value is 0.75USDT, monthly income is 22.5USDT,1 year income is 274USDT

  1. Wheat Farm

Rent 100USDT, get 365 wheat seeds, plant once a day, harvest value is 2.5USDT, monthly income is 75USDT, annual income is 913USDT

  1. Corn Farm

Rent 300USDT, get 365 corn seeds, plant once a day, harvest value is 7.5USDT, monthly income is 225USDT, annual income is 2738USDT

  1. Coffee Field

Rent 900USDT, get 365 coffee seeds, plant once a day, harvest value is 23USDT, monthly income is 690USDT, annual income is 8395USDT

Note: All land is leased for one year

(365 seeds).

If you want to upgrade the land, you only need to pay the difference.

When upgrading to a higher level, the account will be valid for a one-year lease to start again on the day of the upgrade (seeds not used up before the upgrade will be recycled for seeds from the new land).

Withdrawal rules regarding U-Farm:

Withdrawal window opening hours:

09:00am- 17:00pm(UTC/GMT+2) daily

Remittance window working hours:

Withdrawals from Monday to Thursday will be processed at the remittance window the next day.

The withdrawal slips applied on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed at the remittance window on the following Monday.

Your withdrawal application will reach your account within 72 hours from the next day (counting only the working days of the remittance window, not counting the valid time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Minimum withdrawal amount: 3 USDT

Users can withdraw profits to their bank account or their Binance cryptocurrency wallet...

This opportunity is available to citizens in these countries:

Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Sudan, United Kingdom & United States...

Sign Up & Create Your U-Farm Account Using The Link Below...


If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to join our U-Farm WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DkNGHX0vp8u9zlskrJvDZE

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