How long does it take to install a new boiler?

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  • Published July 18, 2023
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If you are considering installing a new boiler you will probably be wondering about the disruption and mess and also how long it will take. This is something that a lot of people want to know since they might be without hot water and heating during the time of installation. This article will try and explain the different steps to installing a new gas boiler.

  1. Normally an inspection of the property would be recommended so that the gas engineers can assess the area and also discuss the heating and hot water requirements with the customer. If you have a big house with a few bathrooms and a few inhabitants, the demands will be different from someone living alone in a small house.

  2. A quote will be prepared after this so that the customer knows how much everything is going to cost.

  3. Installation day arrives and of course, the old boiler and all scrap will need to be removed. It makes sense from an environmental point of view to recycle as much as possible. The new boiler will be fitted and tested. The boiler will have compliance documentation which will need to be completed as well as guarantees with the boiler make. If there are remedial works to be undertaken then usually the boiler installation company will supply these - plasterers, joiners, etc.

  4. The whole process should not take longer than one or two days and at the end of day 1 customers will have access to hot water and heating.

  5. A regular boiler servicing schedule should be discussed and put in place to maintain the efficiency of the new boiler. It will also be mandatory for the boiler guarantee.

So it doesn't take long to install a new boiler and it is best done in the summer when demands for heating are low.

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