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  • Published September 19, 2023
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Today's parents are incredibly aware of what their children are doing. The fact that they gather information online and in periodicals increases its success. It is sweet to point out that people must take care of the child's physical and mental development even as effort and endless patience are needed to achieve a significant objective by purposefully letting the child go through that process on their own.

The future of our nation will be built by the youngsters of today. Physical well-being is just as crucial to future generations' proper development as mental well-being. According to researchers, a baby's body grows and their intellect develops from the moment they are born. Different limbs change shape and distort. On the other side, people can learn knowledge, intelligence, emotions, and the capacity to get along with others. Playing sports can help you gain mental clarity, mindfulness, and intelligence as well as physical strength. The only healthy activity that contributes positively to healthy brain and personality development is sport.


The open desert or field is associated with a bad childhood memory. For kids and teenagers, the sphere could be a tremendous source of fun. Children raised in modern cities don't understand the appeal of sprinting through an open field. Field connotes settling in under an open sky. The sphere entails engaging with numerous kids and teenagers, which aids in the interactional expansion of the child's mentality. Through regular exercise, the bones, muscles, and physique of a young person are gradually stronger. They grew quickly. Children's desire, performance, and endurance improve with regular play in the area, making it easier for them to accept losses and triumph.

Where do the children play?

The establishment's playground is crucial to the development of the children's minds. The rate at which urbanisation is progressing, nevertheless, raises the possibility that the fields may soon be lost to the aggressivity of urbanisation. Every school must have a field system in order to do this. Even if the school doesn't have a playground, there should still be opportunities for the kids to play sports. In many areas of the capital, playgrounds and parks are still present.

Without keeping him inside the house with technological playthings, parents should take the child to the nearby areas. If it isn't feasible, the baby can play on the roof, a sizable balcony, or the veranda. To prevent a child from getting wounded when playing on the brotherly, you can spread thick floor mats on top; however, the most important thing is to adopt sufficient safety precautions. The child must be inspired to participate in such outdoor sports in addition to studying for the child's full mental development. Recreational activities including cycling, swimming, rope jumping, and walking contribute to the child's physical and mental well-being.

For their mental and physical growth, kids between the ages of 5 and 10 should play for at least an hour each day, according to the Planet Health Organization. But according to a recent study by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) and the Power and Participation Centre (PPRC), only 2% of children in the capital have access to sports outside of the home or at school. Additionally, compared to children nationwide, the rate of childhood obesity is higher among wealthy children. The lack of children participating in sports and physical activity is one reason for this.

Now, this frequently occurs every day, everywhere in the nation's cities, ports, and even its villages. A condition for the elegant growth of future citizens is the remoteness of childhood and adolescence, which is particularly trapped in the web of computer games and TV cartoons. Children and teenagers have been addicted to electronic device reception since there isn't enough space for them to play. We are becoming skilled at brain-based activities, forgetting body-based games, and becoming less active. Kids' physical and mental development isn't developing properly, which increases the likelihood of them acting immaturely, having a bad attitude, and getting lost every day.

Some of the things to do are listed below: -

A. Establish these playgrounds as official ones so that the current ones don't appear abandoned.

B. Every institution should absolutely have a playground.

C. Disallowing any activity other than sports (such as outings, fairs, etc.) on the playground.

D. Take the necessary steps to guarantee that every playground is appropriate for use throughout the year.

E. Establish one or more playgrounds in each community, including a village and a neighborhood.

F. Providing the bare minimum of necessary open space relative to the population.

We've abandoned many of our pure pleasures in the process of becoming mechanical in addition to our tendency toward civic life. In order to promote the child's physical and mental growth, the child should be permitted to play on the field. It's our obligation to provide kids a happy childhood gift, so if that's undesirable, please reschedule for an alternative.

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