What to know - Dating an Aquarius Woman (You're Lucky!)

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  • Published October 3, 2023
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The following applies if your female spouse was born between January 20 and February 18, as she is an Aquarius. Lucky You!

What to expect if you fall in love with an Aquarius woman;

Respect — An Aquarius woman has a distinctive personality and sense of humor; she is polite and won’t treat you disrespectfully unless you push her over her breaking point, in which case expect fire and brimstone. When pushed, they get feisty. Aside from that, love makes individuals appear foolish to their lover even when they are not. When its genuine, love makes them vulnerable. An Aquarius woman prioritizes you, enjoys hearing what you have to say, and will even show you love and respect in public in front of her friends. She is the one who will call you pet names, and is not afraid to say it aloud.

Companionship/Friendship: An Aquarius woman in love is the best friend you could possibly have because she is rooting for you. Regardless matter the situation, she got you like bread and butter. She will be your motivator and always push you to do the impossible. She’s not very good at romance, but if you receive a deep, sensuous friendship vibe from an Aquarius, consider yourself lucky because she’s in love with you! What’s strange about them is that they might not or won’t acknowledge to falling in love; they might even push you away and put themselves through emotional pain and heartache. A side they won’t ever reveal to you.

Commitment: An Aquarius woman can never be in and out of love; she is either in or out of it. Except in cases when you betray her, she will never betray you. Another heavenly quality of an Aquarius is their capacity for forgiveness; a brief expression of regret and a shift in attitude is all it takes for them to overlook your errors. She values family, and her house is her haven. She will go above and above to improve your life and make you happy, such as by making lovely meals. When in love, an Aquarius woman will take on several new skills in order to please her lover. Give her a week at most to do your favorite meal. She will make your friends feel welcomed and love to make them nice dishes.

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Aquarius are great companions

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