Russell Brunson’s Secrets of Success Review: Unlocking Affiliate Opportunities

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Russell Brunson, the mastermind behind ClickFunnels, has recently unveiled his latest venture - the "Secrets of Success" movement. This movement officially launched at Funnel Hacking Live in 2023 and has been making waves in the affiliate marketing world. With the Secrets of Success Facebook group for affiliates rapidly growing to nearly 7,500 members, and the upcoming launch of the "Most Incredible Free Gift Ever (MIFGE)" on October 19th, it's evident that this movement is gaining momentum.

In this in-depth review, we'll explore what Russell Brunson's Secrets of Success entails and why it's a promising opportunity for affiliate marketers. We'll cover everything from the core concept to the affiliate program, providing you with a comprehensive guide to this exciting venture.

What is Russell Brunson's Secrets of Success?

Russell Brunson and his collaborator, Justin Benton, embarked on a two-year-long secret project aimed at acquiring original manuscripts and first-edition copies of influential books. Their journey began with the works of Napoleon Hill, particularly his renowned book "Think and Grow Rich." However, what many don't realize is that before Hill wrote this classic, he authored a series titled "The Laws of Success" in 1925. Original copies of these manuscripts are now valued at over $10,000 each.

Even before "The Laws of Success" reached its final form, Hill shared an early version, known as the original pre-release galley copies of "The Law of Success," with prominent figures of his time, including Andrew Carnegie, influential business leaders, and politicians. Today, only one signed copy exists, and it was listed for sale at an astonishing $1,550,000.

Russell Brunson was resolute in his desire to acquire this invaluable collection. He struck a deal with the collector, who had dedicated two decades to amassing Napoleon Hill's books and manuscripts, allowing him not only to purchase "The Law of Success" but the entire Napoleon Hill collection. This treasure trove included the manuscript for "The Hand of Destiny" and other titles that had never been released to the public.

Russell's partnership with Justin Benton expanded their collection, leading to a collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, unlocking access to long-concealed content. They secured an original copy of Hill's best-seller "Outwitting the Devil" and unreleased manuscripts, such as "Outwitting the Beast." This laid the foundation for the "Secrets of Success," a membership site dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Napoleon Hill and other pioneers in entrepreneurship and success training.

The MIFGE Offer - Unlocking the Secrets of Success

True to Russell Brunson's style, the Secrets of Success was introduced with the "Most Incredible Free Gift Ever," or MIFGE. This remarkable gift includes:

A copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, featuring a new foreword written by Russell Brunson.

Hill's "It Will Place You Wherever You Wish to Be Among Men: Practical Lessons in Applied Psychology."

"Secrets of Master Salesmanship."

One month of free access to the "Secrets of Success" members' area.

What makes this offer unique is that it's technically "free"; the only expense is the shipping fee. As is customary with Russell Brunson's launches, there are upsells available. Those interested can obtain a copy of "Hand of Destiny" by opting for a year's subscription to the "Secrets of Success" membership site in advance. Notably, Russell Brunson paid a staggering $5,000 per page for this original Napoleon Hill manuscript, a remarkable bonus for members choosing the annual subscription.

The Secrets of Success Affiliate Program - A Lucrative Opportunity

The Secrets of Success affiliate program operates on a two-tier system, offering an enticing opportunity for affiliate marketers. Here's what you need to know:

Affiliates can join as an affiliate for free and also promote the Secrets of Success affiliate program to others.

Affiliates earn commissions as follows:

40% commission on personal sales ($38.80 recurring monthly).

10% commission on second-tier sales ($9.70 recurring monthly).

Both tiers offer lifetime residual commissions for all referrals, making it a potentially lucrative endeavor that can evolve into a six-figure or more affiliate offer.

Joining the Secrets of Success Affiliate Program - Simple and Straightforward

Getting started with the Secrets of Success Affiliate Program is straightforward, ensuring that aspiring affiliates can quickly embark on their journey. Here are the steps:

Visit the affiliate sign-up page.

Click on "Apply to Become an Affiliate."

Provide your name and email address.

Upon completion, you should receive an email confirmation promptly. This confirmation grants you access to your affiliate dashboard, where you can retrieve your affiliate links and commence your promotional efforts. Additionally, you have the capability to build your second-tier of affiliates and promote the Secrets of Success kit.

Is Secrets of Success an MLM?

You might be wondering if the Secrets of Success affiliate program qualifies as a multi-level marketing (MLM) initiative. Technically, it does, as it offers commissions on two levels. This might come as a surprise to those more familiar with Russell Brunson's association with ClickFunnels than with MLM. However, Russell Brunson has a history deeply rooted in network marketing. He generated significant income from MLM companies before founding ClickFunnels, and he even received a Ferrari as an award from one MLM company.

Russell's recent book, "Network Marketing Secrets," underscores his profound connection to the network marketing world. By introducing a two-tiered affiliate program with Secrets of Success, Russell Brunson invites affiliates to partake in what appears to be a promising and significant business opportunity.

The Diverse Collection in the Members' Area

While Napoleon Hill's works hold a central position, the Secrets of Success members' area offers a diverse range of content from other influential authors. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Orison Swett Marden: An author of books and essays on personal and spiritual growth.

Charles F. Haanel: A success coach and author of "The Master Key System."

P.T. Barnum: A showman, politician, businessman, and author of "The Art of Getting Money."

Earl Nightingale: An author and radio speaker whose work has inspired contemporary motivational speakers and thought leaders.

This list represents just a fraction of the 25+ figures whose work is available in the Secrets of Success members' area. The library continues to expand with the addition of more content. If you share Russell's belief that success hinges on constant learning and growth, then the Secrets of Success membership is an enticing prospect.

Is Secrets of Success Worth It?

In simple terms, yes, it's worth considering. Russell Brunson possesses a proven track record of building passionate communities around his products and businesses, and Secrets of Success appears poised to follow suit. Importantly, there's minimal risk involved in exploring this opportunity. Joining the affiliate program is free, and for those curious about the Secrets of Success offer, Russell provides the MIFGE and one month's access to the member's area at no cost.

This low-commitment offer allows you to dip your toes into the Secrets of Success ecosystem and ascertain whether the affiliate program or the Secrets of Success offer align with your goals and interests. It's a no-brainer to seize this opportunity and experience it firsthand.

The Vision: School and Museum

Russell Brunson's vision for Secrets of Success extends far beyond the online membership site. He has acquired significant parcels of land adjacent to the ClickFunnels headquarters and is currently constructing a school and museum for entrepreneurs on the premises. This ambitious plan encompasses hosting live events at the school, where Secrets of Success members can attend either in person or virtually.

What's truly intriguing is Russell Brunson's exploration of a unique opportunity for members to not only attend these events but also profit from buying and selling premier 'virtual' seating access. The design plans for the museum and school promise an unparalleled experience, unlike any library or museum seen before.

In Conclusion

Russell Brunson's Secrets of Success presents an unparalleled opportunity for affiliate marketers to become part of a movement that seamlessly combines personal development, entrepreneurship, and success training. With its two-tier affiliate program and Russell's illustrious track record, it stands as an attractive proposition for those seeking to elevate their affiliate income while contributing to a community focused on personal and professional growth.

If you're ready to embark on this exciting venture, click here to obtain your affiliate link and become an integral part of the Secrets of Success movement today. Don't miss out on the ground floor of what promises to be a substantial and enduring business opportunity.

In summary, Russell Brunson's Secrets of Success is a unique affiliate marketing opportunity that brings together personal development, entrepreneurship, and success training. With a two-tier affiliate program, lucrative commissions, and a rich library of content, it's an enticing prospect for affiliate marketers. Join the movement and seize the opportunity for growth and success.

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