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  • Published October 27, 2023
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Overcoming the hurdles related to the rate of weight loss may sound tough at times. As per the age, medical conditions, hormonal changes, physical fitness, etc. the rate of metabolism and weight control may vary. As in the case of women, the weight loss is not as spontaneous as in males. This variation may be the result of different muscular mass or hormonal changes as well as other important factors like pregnancy-related weight gain etc.

The basic approach to weight loss counts on the number of calories you tend to burn instead of the ones that form a part of your intake. An understanding of the basic reason for weight gain can help to take positive steps towards weight loss. Exercises or physical workout is the best-suited option for the same.

Physical work out: An important weight loss technique

Exercise help the body to enhance the rate of metabolic activities thus supporting efficient weight loss. The appropriate exercises and workouts when matched with the correct type of nutritional intake value form the basis of weight control/loss in women. Exercise motivates you to feel good. Some fun exercises like aerobics, gymnastics, etc. require training sessions but ensure the fun and the loss of calories efficiently. These ensure effective weight loss though the results may vary as per the body weight.

Cardio workout or aerobics are the right terms that come to our mind whenever weight loss is discussed. But too much of these may be harmful. Also, one must opt for a completely balanced set of exercises considering the basic intensities of the body types.

• Too many stressed workouts should be avoided as these may be likely to cause injury and damage to the crucial parts of the body. • Skipping the other related exercises and focusing on just a single type such as cardio exercises or weight loss etc. is never advisable. • Only fat-burning exercises may not be supportive for a healthy weight loss in a woman’s body. • Remember, never take the active exercises for granted. These should be continued forever to be in shape and maintain fitness. Burning fats in women

The reasons for fat accumulation may be genetic, hormonal, age factors, or any other but the best way to burn calories is by exercising. The high and intense exercises may lead to enhanced burning of fats. Physical exercise such as fast running, walking etc. helps the body to switch to carbohydrate consumption. This is because our metabolism supports this better than the breakdown of fats.

To achieve the weight loss below some of these high-intensity activities may be opted for:

• Exercises for weight loss: High-intensity cycling, running, walking, treadmill exercises, etc. can be counted under this head. Regular twenty minutes of any of these or a combination under the supervision of any professional instructor may help you reduce weight faster and without any side effects. The duration can slowly be increased if your body prefers but, indeed, the result is appreciative and non-reversible.

• Tabata incorporated high and intense training: Being yet another form of weight loss exercise Tabata motivates you to attempt physically hard for a twenty-minute session. Then take a break of ten seconds and then continue with the same for an additional four minutes. If this is done right and regularly the results at the end of the day are wonderful.

• Interval training sessions: The best way to utilize high-level training is by opting to do the same in intervals ensuring continuity. This involves a high-intensity session of 30-60 seconds followed by a recovery session for one or two minutes and then repeating the same in a pattern form usually for 20-30 minutes.

For weight loss, a cardio mechanical 30-40 minutes workout, a regular walk routine, a regular cycling or swimming routine, etc. are good initiatives for better health and wellness. These can also be done comfortably and consistently.

Paramjit Singh is a professional fitness expert (B.P.Ed India ) and the best virtual personal gym fitness trainer (CYQ certified (United Kingdom) and Sports Nutrition Specialist (Skills Active – United Kingdom) who has helped transform hundreds of clients through his scientific training and nutrition programs also a health and fitness blogger living in India.

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