A Complete Roadmap to End of Lease Cleaning: An A-Z Guide

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  • Published November 21, 2023
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As you pack up memories and prepare for new experiences, the end of lease cleaning confirms you leave in high regard. Whether you clean and sweep by yourself or hire professionals, the purpose is to clean belongings, regain your bond back amount, and have a superior renter prominence.

An A-Z Guide to Moving Out Successfully:


Guarantee all kitchen equipment that is part of the landlord's property, including the microwave oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher, are cleaned and devoid of grease, stains or leftover food crumbs.


Remove all dirt and scrub the entire surfaces, including the toilet, shower, floor, wash basin and sink. Make sure mirrors are streak-free & tidy.


Clean and vacuum the carpet comprehensively. Take into consideration hiring professional vacate cleaners for in-depth carpet cleaning, mainly if there are taints.


Inspect all basins and showers to confirm that gutters are clear and blockage-free.


Clean balconies, terraces, and any outdoor places associated with the property.


Light fixtures, holds, and faucets should be brushed down and polished.


Ensure no oil stains by removing personal items and sweeping the area.


Often, busy areas ensure that hallways are free from scuffs and are swept or vacuumed.

Inside Wardrobes

Vacant, swab, and make sure they have no waste or leftover things.

Louvered Windows

Window cleaning also comes under it. If the rental property has louvred windows, ensure each slat is cleaned.


Remove all decor items you have put out there and ensure racks or shelves are dust-free.

Laundry Area

A washing machine is crucial to clean. The area was associated with lint, and debris needs to be cleaned thoroughly.


Look closely for mould, especially in damp areas like bathrooms.

Nooks and Gaps

Hidden spots should be hygienic, and corners in all rooms should be adequately brushed.

Outdoor Furnishings Area

If you have an outdoor furnishing area, it also comes under lease and is cleaned from dust and waste.

Pest Control

If you have a dog/cat or any pet, you must need pest control to make sure there is no waste left behind your back when you vacate the landlord's property.

Quick Restorations

Take care of minor damage, such as small holes in walls or loose handles.


Move-out is easier if you follow an end of lease cleaning checklist to ensure everything is done correctly. And the property and bins are cleaned.

Storage Areas

Make sure to clean and empty all storage areas, sheds, or attics associated with the property.

Tiles and Floors

Clean & polish floors and tiles of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or other areas.


As per the lease agreement, it is required to vacuum and clean any upholstered furniture. Please ensure that this task is completed.


Make sure that the air vents and exhaust fans are clean and in proper working condition.


Clean the windows inside and outside, wiping them until they are streaked-free. Remember to pay attention to the windowsills and tracks as well.

X-tra Attention to Essential Areas

Rooms like the hall, bedroom and kitchen may need extra cleaning because of regular use.


It is crucial to ensure that the property's yard is well-maintained by mowing the lawn, removing weeds, and keeping it tidy.

Zero Leftovers

Cross-check each and every room to ensure no personal objects are left back.

Following this A-Z roadmap for the end of lease cleaning services to ensure every aspect of the property is addressed, maximising your chances of a full bond back money and leaving a lasting impression as a responsible tenant. Safe travels to your next home! 🌟

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