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  • Author Jenny Green
  • Published December 1, 2023
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.tv: A Pioneering Technology Channel

In the realm of television, there have been numerous channels dedicated to various genres and interests. Among these, .tv, formerly known as The Computer Channel, stood out as a pioneer in the world of technology-focused programming. Launched in 1996 by British Sky Broadcasting, .tv aimed to educate and entertain viewers with in-depth coverage of the latest technological advancements.

The channel's programming encompassed a diverse range of shows, catering to both tech enthusiasts and casual viewers. Buyers Guide, presented by Will Hanrahan and helped by a team of guests including Kate Russell, David Hugh-Jones & Bryn Firkins, provided comprehensive reviews of gadgets, computers, and software, keeping viewers abreast of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Chips with Everything, hosted by Kate Russell, engaged guests in an interactive format, testing their knowledge of computer-related trivia.

For those seeking a deeper dive into the realm of digital entertainment, Ex Machina offered a behind-the-scenes exploration of video games, films, and television programs, revealing the intricate processes involved in their creation. Game Over, originally known as Games World, delved into the captivating world of video games, showcasing the latest releases and providing insightful commentary from industry experts.

.tv also catered to the competitive spirit with Games Republic, a quiz show that challenged contestants on their video game knowledge. 404 Not Found, hosted by Dave Green and Danny O'Brien, provided an offbeat take on technology news and reviews, incorporating viewer feedback and injecting humor into the mix.

For those interested in the global impact of technology, Global Village offered a weekly glimpse into how technology was transforming homes around the world. Masterclass, presented by Richard Topping and later by comedian Marc Haynes, provided practical tutorials on popular software applications, empowering viewers to enhance their digital skills.

Nexus, hosted by the renowned actor Brian Blessed, added an element of fun and challenge with its unique puzzle game format. To cater to busy weekend viewers, omnibus editions of Buyers Guide, Masterclass, and Chips with Everything were broadcast, allowing them to catch up on the week's tech highlights.

Despite its innovative programming and dedicated following, .tv faced the challenge of attracting a larger audience. In 2001, after five years on air, the channel was closed due to low viewership. Nevertheless, .tv left an indelible mark on the television landscape, pioneering the concept of a channel dedicated solely to technology and inspiring future endeavours in this realm.

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