My Weight Loss Journey: From Baby Weight to My Best Self

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  • Published December 4, 2023
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My Weight Loss Journey: From Baby Weight to My Best Self

As a 35-year-old woman and a proud mother of two beautiful children, I want to share my weight loss journey with all the amazing women out there who are struggling with shedding those stubborn pounds after pregnancy. Believe me, I've been there, and I know how challenging it can be. But let me assure you, with the right mindset, strategies, and a sprinkle of self-love, you can achieve your weight loss goals and become the best version of yourself.

Along my weight loss journey, I learnt a couple of tricks that I also want to share with you.

Understanding Motivation: The Driving Force

Motivation is the fuel that drives us forward on this weight loss journey. For me, it was the desire to regain my pre-pregnancy body and be a role model for my children. When you find your "why," hold onto it tightly. Write it down, stick it on your fridge, and let it be a constant reminder of your goals. Trust me, on days when motivation wanes, having a clear purpose will keep you going.

Setting Realistic Goals: One Step at a Time

Losing weight is not a sprint; it's a marathon. Setting realistic goals is crucial to avoid disappointment and frustration. Start by focusing on small milestones along the way, like losing 5 pounds in a month or fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. Celebrate each achievement, no matter how small, because every step forward is a step closer to your ultimate goal.

Adopting a Balanced Diet: Fueling Your Body Right

A balanced diet is the foundation of any successful weight loss journey. It's not about starving yourself or following fad diets; it's about nourishing your body with wholesome, nutritious foods. Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats into your meals. And don't forget to indulge in moderation! Remember, it's all about finding the right balance.

Practicing Portion Control: Quality Over Quantity

Portion control played a significant role in my weight loss journey. It's easy to lose track of how much we're eating, especially when we're busy with our little ones. Invest in measuring cups and a food scale to ensure you're consuming appropriate serving sizes. And if you're eating out, try sharing a meal or ordering from the appetizer menu. Trust me, your waistline will thank you!

"But, I'm always hungry Amanda!" So was I. Here is where I will share my first little trick. I used appetite suppressants (or weight loss pills) to help me control my hunger. I had gotten so used to eating so much, that I couldn't stop. However with a little research I found some great pills that kept me full and prevented me from snacking between meals.

Staying Hydrated: Water, Water, Water!

Water is your best friend on this journey. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also helps curb cravings and keeps your metabolism running smoothly. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. If plain water seems boring, infuse it with fresh fruits or herbs for a refreshing twist. Say goodbye to sugary drinks and hello to the wonders of hydration!

Engaging in Regular Physical Activity: Finding What Works for You

Exercise doesn't have to be a chore; it can be fun and enjoyable. Find physical activities that you genuinely enjoy and make them a part of your routine. Whether it's dancing, swimming, cycling, or simply taking brisk walks with your kids, find what works for you. Remember, consistency is key, so aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week.

Getting Adequate Sleep: Rest for Success

As mothers, we often neglect our sleep, but it's essential for weight loss and overall well-being. Lack of sleep can disrupt your hormones and increase cravings for unhealthy foods. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Establish a bedtime routine, create a calm sleep environment, and prioritize self-care. Your body will thank you, and you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Managing Stress Levels: Self-Care is Non-Negotiable

Motherhood can be stressful, and stress can hinder weight loss progress. Take time for yourself each day to relax and recharge. Practice mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, or indulge in activities that bring you joy. Surround yourself with positive influences and seek support when needed. Remember, self-care isn't selfish; it's necessary for your well-being and weight loss success.

Staying Accountable and Seeking Support: You're Not Alone

Accountability is crucial in any weight loss journey. Find a buddy or join a support group where you can share your successes, challenges, and tips. Having someone to cheer you on and hold you accountable will keep you motivated and focused. And don't forget, you're not alone in this. Reach out to friends, family, or even a professional if you need guidance and support.

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories: Loving the Journey

Weight loss is not just about the number on the scale; it's about how you feel and the positive changes you make. Celebrate non-scale victories, such as fitting into smaller clothes, increased energy levels, improved mood, or being able to keep up with your kids. Embrace every step of the journey, and remember that progress, no matter how small, is worth celebrating!

In conclusion, my weight loss journey after pregnancy wasn't easy, but it was worth every ounce of effort. By understanding motivation, setting realistic goals, adopting a balanced diet, practicing portion control, staying hydrated, engaging in regular physical activity, getting adequate sleep, managing stress levels, staying accountable and seeking support, and celebrating non-scale victories, I was able to shed 50 pounds and become my best self.

To all the incredible women out there on their own weight loss journey, remember that you are capable, strong, and deserving of a healthy and happy life. Embrace the journey, stay consistent, and celebrate every step closer to your weight loss goals. You've got this!

Hi, I'm Amanda Smith, a 35-year-old woman who has had two children. In this article, I will share my experiences and struggles I faced in losing 50 pounds after pregnancy. I aim to inspire and motivate other women who may be going through a similar journey. You are not alone, we have all gone through it!


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