Playtime Revolution: KinderCure's Guide to Boosting Child Development Through Play

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  • Author Dr. Garima Mengi, Kindercure Clinic, Gurgaon
  • Published November 29, 2023
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Disclaimer: This blog provides general information on child health and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

At KinderCure, we view play as an essential ingredient in the recipe for healthy child development. It’s more than just fun and games; play is a critical educational tool that facilitates a child's holistic growth.

Cognitive Development Through Play

Examples: Puzzles and building blocks boost problem-solving skills, while story-based play enhances imagination and language abilities.

Statistics: Research indicates that children who engage in quality playtime experience a 34% improvement in cognitive development [1].

Physical Growth and Play

Examples: Outdoor activities like tag, cycling, and ball games improve motor skills, balance, and overall fitness.

Research Findings: Studies show that children actively engaging in physical play have a 20% reduced risk of obesity [2].

Social and Emotional Learning Through Play

Examples: Group games and role-playing activities teach children about teamwork, empathy, and handling emotions.

Impact: Regular interactive play can lead to a 30% improvement in social skills in children [3].

KinderCure’s Playful Approach

“Integrating play into paediatric healthcare is not just a practice; it's a commitment to nurturing well-rounded, happy children,” says Dr. Garima Mengi. Our clinic is a playground of learning, where each toy and activity is selected to promote different aspects of development.

Play Recommendations for Parents

To enhance your child’s development through play, consider:

Age-Appropriate Toys: Choose toys that align with your child’s age and developmental stage.

Encourage Creativity: Activities like painting or storytelling spur creative thinking.

Family Playtime: Engage in play activities with your children to strengthen emotional bonds.

The Role of Regular Check-Ups at KinderCure

Our paediatric assessments include observing play behaviour as a vital sign of developmental progress, enabling us to provide targeted advice and interventions.


Embracing play is embracing a child’s natural way of learning about the world. It’s an investment in their future.

Elevate Your Child’s Growth Through Play

For tailored advice on integrating play into your child’s life, visit KinderCure Clinic or book an appointment through WhatsApp.


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