Garage door installation and maintenance tips

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Even though the installation of a garage door is incredibly monotonous whether you choose manual or automatic mechanicals, it can still be automated with an auto-opener. Although the manual model is simpler to assemble, that which depends on the type of garage door. Manual swing doors consist of a handle that can be pulled and are easy to install because they are lighter than automatic ones. But the doors with lower weight might not be suitable to your needs as they are less reliable and strong. Ones that work automatically need not only the installation of the garage door itself, but also its related cables and motors installed. The second one is generally more popular among customers because they can be easily used and are a must if the door is made of hard wood. Remember that automatic doors become manual as soon as a power supply failure occurs.

Installing residential garage doors is a careful undertaking. The instructions given in manual are only tips and you should be comprehensive with them. While a little bit expensive, consultancy is always recommended for the installation work.

Manual and Automatic Installation Tips for Garage Doors

However, with the brace and horizontal angle fixed to the jamb, after attaching torsion tube and springs in such bracket, they would fit into it. Determine the length of spring release and screw it on torsion tube till tightening. Secure the left and right drum’s sides. Finally, tighten the tube retainer and don’t forget to wind the spring. When fixing an automatic garage door, do the following:

Hook up the drive, which includes a motor that controls door opening and closing operations, to the tracks.

  • Connect all track elements and securely attach the motor to the ceiling by a beam according to manufacturer’s specification.

  • This motor will require wires to run through a switch.

  • Build infrared sensors that will detect if anything is on the way of the slide.

** Attach the door opener to the garage door.

There are many types of residential garage doors such as roller door types that are the most common model or sectional doors that resemble the operation of a roller, but with no need to use rollers. These two types save space. Or you could choose an up-and-over garage door, which swings both up and outwards and looks smart but requires more room. Lastly, there are the basic garage doors with side hinges which were the first and still remain highly used especially in rural areas.

The options for garage door accessories are endless, whether it is a prefabricated style or an individual design. Garage door selection should never be an afterthought because the choice defines a personality and appearance on your home. Garage door accessories can be purchased from distributors such as the extension springs, rollers, cables, top and bottom bracket, track flanges etc. What is important, however, is that you know exactly which components work with your garage door.

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