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  • Author John Barton - Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth Dallas
  • Published April 5, 2024
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Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth addresses imbalances in the body by cultivating s better relationship to breath and proprioception. Structural, Postural and Rolfing Functional Integration acknowledges the breath as primary in enabling the body to realize a new potential, the body organizes around the breath and the way that it expresses stimulating a pre-movement in the whole body system. Breath is something that few are truly aware of until it is realized, like the heartbeat and all of our visceral functions, they operate with or without our awareness and when the awareness occurs there is a profound sensation of inclusion. Support in the body and the way we breathe are mirrored to each other in the anatomy and physiology of the science of movement and life. When the posture and breath are realized while lying, sitting, standing or moving a sense of support, direction and ease have more potential and Budokon demonstrates its power by making the breath a central part of the practice and life.

In the early stages of development the primitive streak emerges and the dermal layers differentiate into the central nervous system, the heart, and the respiratory diaphragm setting the foundation of primary visceral functions and the fascial web of terrestrial life. To see pictures of an embryo develop is truly an amazing sight and a testimony to the wisdom and love of life. The inference derived from the stage conception of development, in recognition that structure and function are two sides of the same coin, is awe inspiring and enlightening with the potential to shake ones perception of reality loose. The relationship and integration of the breath with visceral and somatic structure, function, and form are sown into the system from the beginning and it is only organic that one be able to navigate these sensations and emotions from a witness position.

When the fascial matrix resources from the issuing mesoderm it spreads to permeate the entire form of the being literally encasing all of the components of who you are, a virtual container of expression from the breath of life. The body is able to achieve verticality because of the buoyant attributes of being in a fluid filled body existing in a fluid filled gravity. Diaphragms and membranes exist in the feet, legs, knees, pelvis, thorax, and cranium and provide pressurized segments of fluid throughout the body. Humans are similar in form to the Michelin tire man and when one pressurized segment loses its resilience the whole system is affected. Breathing through the mouth as opposed to nose breathing is associated with weakening the respiratory diaphragm thus weakening the entire diaphragmatic and pressurized system. Breathing through the mouth stimulates sympathetic neuro-receptors causing a sympathetic response to the entire nervous system of fight-or-flight, complicating and even inhibiting the integration process whereas nose breathing stimulates a para-sympathetic response of a calm, cool, and collected consciousness that enables integration, hence how you breathe is how you live.

John Barton, Advanced Rolfer & Rolfing Fort Worth-Dallas

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