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  • Published April 10, 2024
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Are you concerned about the poor image quality of videos you shoot or screen record? In such cases, we recommend converting low-quality videos to high quality. In this article, we will introduce how to improve the quality of your videos.

How to improve video quality?

Video quality depends on various factors such as resolution, bit rate, frame rate, compression method (codec), color depth and color space. There are several common techniques to improve the quality of your videos after they have been shot.

Increase resolution with AI upscaling

Restore blurry details with AI

Perform color correction using editing techniques

Basically, tools equipped with AI are often compatible with methods 1and 2.

In addition, image quality can be improved to some extent using traditional editing methods without using AI.

Trivia:Simply put, AI upscaling is a mechanism that improves image quality by predicting and generating image details based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Accuracy and effectiveness depend on the amount and quality of training data, the complexity of the model, and the quality of the original video.

How to improve video quality using AI software

The Video Enlarger AI software from UniFab, a product of DVDFab company, is a specialized tool designed to improve video quality. Utilizing advanced AI technology, UniFab Video Enlarger AI can automatically enhance the details of videos and upscale the resolution to 1080P/4K, even for users with no prior experience in video editing.

Equipped with well-trained AI models, UniFab Video Enlarger AI can accurately identify, analyze, and enhance video content to produce vivid and lifelike visual effects. Best of all, this cutting-edge software is available for a free trial period of 30 days, allowing users to experience all of its features at no cost. Give it a try today and see the difference for yourself!

UniFab Video Enlarger AI features:

• Increase video resolution to 720P (Standard Definition), 1080P (Full HD), and even the amazing 4K (Super HD).

• The AI function repairs fine and blurred areas and improves the resolution to 4K for perfect reproduction of details.

• Deliver impressive high-quality results on all types of videos, including low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white movies, homemade videos, and animations.

• Developed the FAST model, which can improve video quality 5 times faster than other companies.

• Supports video editing and also has crop and trim functions.

• By linking with DVDFab's DVD ripping and Blu-ray ripping, you can improve the quality of old DVDs.

Now, let's introduce how to use UniFab Video Enlarger AI.

First, download UniFab Video Enlarger AI and install it on your computer. Click "Quick Install" in the middle.

Once the installation is complete, start UniFab Video Enlarger AI. The main screen is as follows. Select "Enlarger" on the left. Then, click the "+" in the middle and insert the video you want to improve the quality of.

Once you have uploaded the video, detailed information will be displayed. You can select the original image quality information and the image quality you want to convert. For example, here you can convert a 480P quality video to 1080P and select 1080P.

After confirming the save destination, just press the "Start" button, and UniFab Video Enlarger AI will automatically operate AI technology to improve the quality of every detail.


The above was an introduction to how to improve the quality of your videos.

If your goal is to improve the resolution of low-quality videos and display them clearly, PC software that makes full use of AI is the best option. With UniFab, anyone can easily improve the quality and clarity of low-resolution or blurry videos. UniFab Video Enlarger AI also offers a free trial. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not install the free version and try out the results?

Learn more about The Video Enlarger AI software from UniFab here https://ja.unifab.ai/

UniFab Video Enlarger AI : https://ja.unifab.ai/enlarger-ai.htm

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