Sunseeker Hosts Lawn Banquet Showcasing Their Latest Innovation

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  • Published May 19, 2024
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On April 16th, Sunseeker, an innovator in the landscaping industry, held a Lawn Banquet Experience in Monroe, NC displaying their Orion X7 in celebration of its release. With this event, potential distributors and consumers gained a deeper insight into the technology behind the remarkable innovation.

Sunseeker’s mission is to revolutionize the lawn care experience by ensuring users a wire free lawn mower, detailed with cutting-edge technology that is made to create a less arduous and carefree experience when mowing.

The event was pristine and handled with hospitality. Guests were greeted by Sunseekers wonderful team as they entered into the gorgeous venue –– Champagne Manor. The eventful day embarked on an engaging speech delivered by Justin Novosel, the EVP and GM of North American Operations for Sunseeker US. From there guests were granted time to ask questions about the Orion X7, as well as the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the innovative lawn mower.

Representatives of Sunseeker also demonstrated the use of the Orion X7 to their respective groups of guests. With this opportunity, potential distributors and buyers saw up-close and personal how the Orion X7 operates. Certain guests were asked to manually handle the robot lawn mower while utilizing the app, Robotic Mower; this way, users can engage with Orion X7 via bluetooth. With this demonstration, guests saw first-hand what sets the Orion X7 apart from its competitors is the technology.

A representative of Sunseeker, shared this insight, “The big thing with ours is the marriage of the systems. More of the market is primarily focused on one thing or that one thing with the addition of. Ours with three way and A.I mapping on the side of it. It is a very intuitive program. When it originally goes out and sees some of the sights, it looks at it…it will start scoping it out, checking it out, and learning the property. Being able to use multiple ways to see, that’s what makes it extremely different.”

The robot lawn mower uses an AONavi navigation system which involves a RTK-GNSS satellite positioning and VSLAM visual technology which allows the mower to be emplaced at keen, specific positions. The innovative lawn mower also comes with Vision AI Technology, which allows users to create and rearrange virtual boundaries of the areas they want to cut. With such an asset, this feature ensures a more personalized experience ensuring that obstacles such as gardens, recreational objects, grilling areas, etc. aren’t touched.

The innovative lawn mower also comes with an AWD Driving system which enhances climbing capabilities and reduces the chances of slipping; this allows the robot to take on diverse terrains with no inconsistency.

The robot lawn mower is also equally durable as it is intelligent. It has the ability to manage up to 3 acres of land, withstand inclement weather conditions, and returns to its charging station when it needs to recharge. Furthermore, the robot instantly deactivates for safety during lifting or tilting.

This cutting edge technology is special. It’s an example that innovation never ceases to exist. Sunseeker aims to please, and they surely executed that promise at their Banquet. The Orion X7 is available for purchase on their website.

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