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  • Author Fiattor Alfreda Ewoenam
  • Published June 7, 2024
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Bullying has now become a norm worldwide, most especially in secondary schools and colleges. Can you imagine your brother or sister being bullied in school? Well, this is the case in almost all secondary schools and college institutions across the world. Bullying can be described as the act of using a person's power to intimidate or frighten someone to do something against the person's will. This unacceptable conduct has spiked major worries among students and teachers which has created room for more vices to be committed. In view of this, this article seeks to cover the issue of bullying and its effects.

One major effect of bullying is, it leads to health complications on the part of the victim. Bullying, in the form of beating and verbal abuse, has landed some students in the hospital; and students who fall victim to this act usually experience health related problems such as anxiety, depression and physical deformation. Also, it inflicts pain on the individual sometimes leaving marks on the body of the victim. The aftermath of this results in the increase in expenditure on hospital bills in order to seek proper medical attention.

Furthermore, bullying leads to decline in academic performance. On the part of the victim, the scenes of bullying continually play in his or her head, creating thoughts of worry and anxiety thereby reducing his or her focus on studies. Also, the bullies channel most of their mental and physical energy into drafting unsightly plans for their victims which drifts their focus off their books. For this reason, they perform poorly in their tests and exams which is evident on their examination reports.

Moreover, bullying may lead to death. It is an undeniable fact that some students bully others to the extent of using sharp objects such as knives, blades and even machetes on them. This unscrupulous form of bullying takes place in extreme cases where perpetrators seem to have anger issues or superiority complex. Unfortunately, some people fall prey to their frivolous schemes of bullying where they are brutally dealt with hence sending them to their early graves. As a result, the bullies are taken on by the law, and justice is served to the victim and the family.

On the whole, bullying is an act which should not be considered normal under all circumstances hence strict measures should be put in place to deal with the issue and the people involved.

I respond to the name Fiattor Alfreda Ewoenam, a 15 year old and a proud student of Keta Senior High Technical School, Keta.

Email: margaretfiattor2@gmail.com

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